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  2. Pavlo Skoropadskyi -

    Pavlo Petrovych Skoropadskyi was a Russian-Ukrainian aristocrat, decorated Imperial Russian Army and Ukrainian Army general of Cossack heritage. Skoropadsky became a conservative leader in Ukraine following the Russian Revolution of 1917, a founder of a hetman dynasty and Hetman of Ukraine. Skoropadsky was born in a family of Skoropadskie, the Ukrainian military leaders and statesmen, that distinguished themselves since the 17th century when Fedir Skoropadsky participated in the Battle of ...

  3. Ukrainian State - Wikiwand

    Ukraine turned into a provisional dictatorship of Hetman of Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadskyi, who outlawed all socialist-oriented political parties, creating an anti-Bolshevik front with the Russian State. It collapsed in December 1918, when Skoropadskyi was deposed and the Ukrainian People's Republic returned to power in the form of the Directorate .

  4. Pavlo Skoropadsky - Trenfo

    Pavlo Petrovych Skoropadskyi (3 mai 1873, Wiesbaden, Allemagne – 26 avril 1945, Metten, Bavière, Allemagne) était un lieutenant général de l’armée impériale russe et une figure militaire et politique ukrainienne après la révolution de 1917 ; hetman de toute l’Ukraine du 29 avril au 14 décembre 1918.

  5. List of leaders of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Pavlo Skoropadskyi (1873–1945) 29 April 1918 14 December 1918 Ukrainian People's Hromada Hetman: 3 Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880–1951) 14 December 1918 11 February 1919 Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party: Chairmen of the Directory 4 Symon Petliura (1879–1926) 11 February 1919 10 November 1920 Independent: Chairmen of the Directory

  6. U.S. to help Ukraine Invade Crimea, How Did We Get Here?

    "...Ukraine cannot live without owning Crimea, it will be a body without legs.” - Pavlo Skoropadskyi, Hetman of Ukraine, 1917 The oft-disputed peninsula of Crimea has made headlines this week as the New York Times released a report that the U.S. is warming up to helping Ukraine invade the Russian occupied territory. U.S. officials, who spoke with anonymity, said that it would be advantageous for Crimea to be threatened when the countries meet at the negotiating table.

  7. Kyiv residents voted for new names for the metro stations ...

    At the same time, Kyivans supported the renaming of Leo Tolstoy Street in honor of Hetman Pavel Skoropadskyi. In order to avoid duplication of names, it was also proposed to rename Pavlo Skoropadskyi Street in the Pechersk district in honor of the former mayor of Kyiv Oleksandr Omelchenko. Kyivites did not support this proposal, only 26% voted "for".

  8. Kyivans voted to rename two Kyiv metro stations in addition ...

    And the second – from Volodymyrska Street, will pass through Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, Pavlo Skoropadskyi Street, Symon Petliura Street and end at the Central Railway Station. As a result, you and I will walk along the streets named after those people who fought for Ukraine and defended the rights and freedoms of our people ,” secretary of the Kyiv city council Volodymyr Bondarenko said.

  9. Abolition of monarchy - Wikipedia

    Primus inter pares. Politics portal. v. t. e. The abolition of monarchy and anti-royalism is a legislative or revolutionary movement to abolish monarchical elements in government, usually hereditary. Abolition of absolutist monarchy in favor of limited government under constitutional monarchy is a less radical form of anti-royalism that has succeeded in some nations that still retain monarchs, such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand.

  10. Центральний державний архів вищих органів влади та управління України (ЦДАВО України) як державний орган виконує завдання та функції держави з управління архівною справою та діловодством, забезпечує облік ...

  11. Ukraine army captain who gave his medal to Biden says war ...

    Captain Pavlo Chernyavsky treasures a highly symbolic memento President Biden gave him in return, but says what he and his men really need, is more heavy weapons. CBS News App Jan. 6 Probe