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  2. Peter I of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Peter I (Portuguese: Pedro I, IPA: ; 8 April 1320 – 18 January 1367), called the Just (o Justiceiro) or the Cruel (o Cruel), was King of Portugal from 1357 until his death. He was the third but only surviving son of Afonso IV of Portugal and his wife, Beatrice of Castile .

  3. Peter I | king of Portugal | Britannica

    Peter I, byname Peter The Just, or The Cruel, Portuguese Pedro O Justiceiro, or O Cruel, (born April 8, 1320, Coimbra, Port.—died Jan. 18, 1367), king of Portugal from 1357 to 1367. The son of Afonso IV and his consort Beatriz of Castile, Peter was married in 1336 to Constanza of Castile; but she died in 1345, and Peter is chiefly remembered ...

  4. Peter I, Count of Urgell - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Urgell

    Peter I (Portuguese: Pedro, pronounced ) (23 February 1187 - 2 June 1258) was the second son of King Sancho I of Portugal and his wife Dulce, infanta of Aragon, and would eventually become Count of Urgell and Lord of the Balearic Islands. Biography. Peter was born at Coimbra.

  5. Peter "the Just" of Portugal, I (1320 - 1367) - Genealogy

    "The Cruel", "King Peter I of Portugal", "Pedro I "el cuel"", "Pedro I "el justiciero"", "the Just", "April 19", "1320", "Rei de Portugal" Birthdate: April 18, 1320: Birthplace: Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal: Death: January 18, 1367 (46) Estremoz, Évora, Portugal (killed) Place of Burial: Alcobaça, Leiria, Portugal

  6. Heartbreaking Facts About Peter I Of Portugal ... - Factinate

    Wikipedia 4. He Was A Good Son Credit where credit is due, Peter I of Portugal did marry Constanza Manuel of Vilena in 1336, although they didn’t actually meet each other in real life until years later. At the time, Portugal was completely ravaged by fighting, so cross-country journeys were a no-go. He was, by all accounts, trying to be a good son.

  7. The Forbidden Love Story of the King of Portugal and His ...

    Peter I of Portugal. Peter the Just or the Cruel, as he was called, was born to King Afonso XI of Castile, León, and Galicia and his wife Maria of Portugal. When Peter was 16, he was betrothed to Constanza Manuel of Villena the daughter of Prince Juan Manuel of Villena and his second wife Constance of Aragon.

  8. Peter of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Peter of Portugal (Portuguese: Pedro) is the name of several Portuguese kings and infantes : Peter III of Portugal (1717–1786), King Consort of Portugal on the succession of his wife and niece Queen Mary I of Portugal. Peter IV of Portugal (1798–1834), also Peter I, Emperor of Brazil. Infante Pedro of Portugal (1370–1370), son of ...

  9. Inês de Castro | mistress of Peter I of Portugal | Britannica

    Inês de Castro, (born 1323?—died Jan. 7, 1355, Coimbra, Port.), mistress, before his accession, of Peter (Pedro) I of Portugal. She was famous because of her tragic death, which was related by such writers and poets as Luís de Camões, Luís Vélez de Guevara, and Henri de Montherlant.

  10. Peter I |

    Peter I, 1320–67, king of Portugal (1357–67), son and successor of Alfonso IV. He married (1336) Constance Manuel, a Castilian noblewoman, but subsequently fell in love with one of her ladies in waiting, Inés de Castro. Their tragic love affair has been a favorite theme in Portuguese literature.

  11. Peter I of Portugal - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Peter I ( Portuguese: Pedro I, IPA: [ˈpedɾu]; 8 April 1320 – 18 January 1367), called the Just ( o Justo) or the Cruel ( o Cruel ), was King of Portugal from 1357 until his death. [1] References ↑ Wheeler, Douglas L.; Opello, Jr., Walter C. (10 May 2010). Historical Dictionary of Portugal (3rd ed.). Scarecrow Press. p. 206. ISBN 978-0810860889.