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  1. Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez (1796–1865), more commonly called Philippe Buchez , was a French historian, sociologist, and politician. He was the founder of the newspaper L Atelier , and he served briefly, in 1848, as the president of the Constituent National Assembly, which was then meeting at the Palais Bourbon in Paris.

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  3. Philippe Buchez - Wikipedia

    Philippe Buchez by Charles Bour. Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez (March 31, 1796–August 11, 1865), more commonly called Philippe Buchez, was a French historian, sociologist, and politician. He was the founder of the newspaper L'Atelier, and he served briefly, in 1848, as the president of the Constituent National Assembly, which was then ...

  4. The Reconciliation of Christianity with Progress: Philippe Buchez

    Philippe buchez is best known for his work as a founder of social Catholicism and as an advocate of workers' associations. As a man of varied interests Buchez brought to the consideration of industrial problems a knowledge of contemporary ideas and a theory of history to support his own solutions.

  5. Buchez, Philippe Joseph Benjamin |

    BUCHEZ, PHILIPPE JOSEPH BENJAMIN. Important contributor to the formative ideas of Christian socialism in 19th-century France; b. Matagnela-Petite, March 31, 1796; d. Rodez, Aug. 12, 1865. Buchez became a doctor of medicine in 1824 but was more interested in revolutionary activity.

  6. The Failure of Multiculturalism | Foreign Affairs

    In an address to the Medico-Psychological Society of Paris in 1857, the Christian socialist Philippe Buchez wondered how it could happen that “within a population such as ours, races may form—not merely one, but several races—so miserable, inferior and bastardised that they may be classed as below the most inferior savage races, for their ...

  7. Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez | French political philosopher

    In Christian Socialism. …principally by the writings of Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez, a disciple of Saint-Simon, and by the emergence of cooperative societies in France, Ludlow—who had been reared and educated in France—enlisted other churchmen in an effort to promote the application of Christian principles in industrial organization.

  8. Buchez,Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin - Ohio University

    Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin Buchez (1796-1866), the son of a physician, and also a doctor of medicine, practiced his pro fession and published in his field. For his medical thesis he brought out in 1825 his Considé rations générales sur les fièvres intermittent.

  9. Philippe Buchez - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Philippe Joseph Benjamin Buchez, ( 31 de marzo de 1796, Matagne-la-Petite - 11 de agosto de 1865, Rodez ), fue un político, historiador y sociólogo sansimoniano francés, impulsor de las cooperativas y fundador del diario L’Atelier . Índice 1 Infancia 2 Carbonario y sansimoniano 3 Socialismo cristiano 4 Nacimiento de su notoriedad

  10. Philippe Buchez — Wikipédia

    modifier. Philippe Joseph Benjamin Buchez 2, né le 31 mars 1796, à Matagne-la-Petite (Belgique), mort le 11 août 1865 à Rodez, est docteur en médecine (1825), homme politique, historien et sociologue français, sa doctrine inspire la fondation du journal L'Atelier par un groupe d'ouvriers.

  11. Philippe Buchez – Left in Paris

    Politician. Places Map. Philippe Buchez, an active member of the French Carbonari anti-Bourbon secret society in 1822, became a doctor in 1825 and founded the influential Social Christian movement of the 1830s. Buchez inspired the workers’ cooperative movement of the 1840s.

  12. He is one of the founders of Christian socialism: Who is ...

    French social philosopher. Philippe Joseph Benjamin Buchez was born on March 31, 1796, in Matagne-la-Petite, in what is now Belgium, Ardenne Province, and died in Rodez on August 12, 1865. He studied medicine between 1817-1825.