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  2. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon | French philosopher | Britannica

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, (born January 15, 1809, Besançon, France—died January 19, 1865, Paris), French libertarian socialist and journalist whose doctrines became the basis for later radical and anarchist theory. Early life and education

  3. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon - Wikipedia

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (UK: / ˈ p r uː d ɒ̃ /, US: / p r uː ˈ d ɒ̃, p r uː ˈ d oʊ n /, French: [pjɛʁ ʒɔzɛf pʁudɔ̃]; 15 January 1809, Besançon – 19 January 1865, Paris) was a French socialist, politician, philosopher, economist and the founder of mutualist philosophy.

  4. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon - Academic Kids

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (pronounced [] in BrE, [] in French) (January 15, 1809 – January 19, 1865) was the first proclaimed anarchist of the 19th century. Born in Besançon , Doubs , France , he was a workingman, a printer, who taught himself to read Latin so as to print books in that language as well.

  5. 10 Social Contract Examples (2023) -

    In his libertarian approach, each individual preserves complete sovereignty over themselves. Here, Proudhon embraces the ‘live and let live’ mantra (Proudhon, 2007). 8. John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice. Rawls (1999), building on the work of Immanuel Kant, proposed what’s called a contractarian approach to the social contract.

  6. Individualist anarchism - Wikipedia

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was the first philosopher to label himself an "anarchist". Some consider Proudhon to be an individualist anarchist while others regard him to be a social anarchist.

  7. Iteration as an Anarchist Organizational Management Practice

    Over the years, the anarcho-communism perspective has been advanced by more writers such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in his classic text Property is Theft; Michael Bakunin in the First International IAF (Ward, 2004); and Errico Malatesta .

  8. Mikhail Bakunin | Russian anarchist | Britannica

    Mikhail Bakunin, in full Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin, (born May 30 [May 18, Old Style], 1814, Premukhino, Russia—died July 1 [June 19], 1876, Bern, Switzerland), chief propagator of 19th-century anarchism, a prominent Russian revolutionary agitator, and a prolific political writer. His quarrel with Karl Marx split the anarchist and Marxist wings of the revolutionary socialist movement for many years after their deaths.

  9. Bastiat Proudhon Debate summarised: (context in comments)

    From the 19th of November 1849 to the 7th of March 1850, French Anarchist and public intellectual Pierre-Joseph Proudhon engaged in a public debate with Economist and Member of the National Assembly Frédéric Bastiat on the legitimacy of interest.

  10. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, born on this day in 1809, was a ...

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, born on this day in 1809, was a French politician, philosopher, and founder of mutualist philosophy. Proudhon was the first person to declare himself an anarchist and is widely regarded as one of the ideology's most influential theorists, sometimes called "the father of anarchism".

  11. The first full-scale English-language biography of the prominent 19th century social thinker and father of anarchism. Woodcock makes a very good case for the consistency of [Proudhon's] teaching. -- New York Times Essential reading for a true appreciation of economic history and thought. -- Small Press. Product Identifiers. Publisher.