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  2. Politics of Qatar - Wikipedia

    The political system of Qatar is a semi-constitutional monarchy with the emir as head of state and chief executive, and the prime minister as the head of government. Under the Constitution of Qatar , the partially-elected Consultative Assembly has a limited ability to reject legislation and dismiss ministers.

  3. The government and political system in Qatar | Expatica

    The electoral system in Qatar. Political parties are banned in Qatar. The country’s first-ever legislative elections took place in October 2021, to elect 30 members of the 45-seat Shura council. This council takes an advisory role and has limited power on defence, security, economic, and investment issues.

  4. Qatar-US Ties: Gas-Rich Nation Balances Relations With Biden ...

    Secret Diplomacy The prisoner swap deal, which saw the Biden administration release five Iranians held in US custody and allow Tehran access to $6 billion in oil revenue frozen by sanctions,...

  5. Qatar's diplomacy. Dialogue and neutrality described its ...

    In 2021, Qatar succeeded in brokering the restoration of diplomatic relations between the republics of Somalia and Kenya with the aim of achieving international peace and stability. Qatar has mediated efforts in Somalia to resolve political differences related to the elections through dialogue and comprehensive consensus between the Somali parties.

    • Qatar’s Prime Minister on why the Middle East is becoming more tolerant to Syria
    • Qatar’s Prime Minister on the country’s integral role in the release of five prisoners from Iran.
    • Qatar’s separate talks with Iran, US on drones, nuclear programme: Reuters
      Qatar’s separate talks with Iran, US on drones, nuclear programme: Reuters
    • US hostages are freed from Iran and arrive in Qatar #politics #shorts
  6. Qatar held separate bilateral talks with U.S. and Iran

    UNITED NATIONS/WASHINGTON – Qatar held separate bilateral meetings with the United States and Iran this week that touched on Iran's nuclear program and U.S. concerns about Iranian drone transfers...

  7. Politics of Qatar - Chronicle

    Officially, Qatar is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, whose position is hereditary. Politically, Qatar is evolving from a traditional society into one based on more formal and democratic institutions to meet the requirements of social and economic progress.

  8. Communications minister meets Chinese party official

    (QNA) HE the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Vice-Chairman of Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ) Mohammed bin Ali al-Mannai met with Member of the Political...

  9. Qatar Projecting Soft Power On The Global Stage -

    Exclusive: Qatar held separate talks with US, Iran touching on nuclear, drones Reuters 2023-09-21, 02:33 Emir of Qatar says sports can play role in 'building bridges' between peoples