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  2. Politics of Qatar - Wikipedia

    The political system of Qatar is a semi-constitutional monarchy with the emir as head of state and chief executive, and the prime minister as the head of government. Under the Constitution of Qatar , the partially-elected Consultative Assembly has a limited ability to reject legislation and dismiss ministers.

  3. The government and political system in Qatar | Expatica

    The electoral system in Qatar. Political parties are banned in Qatar. The country’s first-ever legislative elections took place in October 2021, to elect 30 members of the 45-seat Shura council. This council takes an advisory role and has limited power on defence, security, economic, and investment issues.

  4. Qatar - Politics, Economy, Society | Britannica

    There are no political parties in Qatar. Qataris have been allowed to vote in municipal elections since 1999, and the first parliamentary election was held in 2021. Voting is restricted to citizens aged 18 years and older whose paternal grandfather was born in the country.

  5. Political System - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Constitutional Authorities According to the permanent constitution, people are deemed to be the source of authority in Qatar. They shall exercise it in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. The system of government is based on the separation of powers.

  6. Qatar’s soft power, shifting alliances and strategic interests

    It goes without saying that the decision is a highly strategic one, rooted deeply in US foreign policy interests in the region, the conflict in Ukraine and the evolving political realities in the...

  7. Qatar crisis: Saudi Arabia and allies restore ... - BBC

    Diplomatic relations have been restored between Qatar and four Arab states that imposed an embargo against it for three years, the Saudi foreign minister says. Prince Faisal bin Farhad told ...

  8. Qatar: Freedom in the World 2021 Country Report | Freedom House

    Political parties are not permitted, and the only elections are for an advisory municipal council. While Qatari citizens are among the wealthiest in the world, the vast majority of the population consists of noncitizens with no political rights, few civil liberties, and limited access to economic opportunity. Key Developments in 2020