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  2. The 7 Best Secure Email Providers - Business Insider

    Posteo is a Germany-based secure email provider that offers end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and protection via robust German privacy law. It's one of the few email providers that ...

  3. Posteo is a German-based email provider built by husband-and-wife team Patrik and Sabrina Löhr. It is a subscription-based service that aims to offer a truly private email experience, and it is now in its tenth year of operation. The Löhrs were able to demonstrate their commitment to user privacy in an altercation with the police.

  4. Posteo Email Settings: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP Server Settings

    Posteo is considered one of the most secure email providers globally as it employs industry-standard encryption, is packed with useful features, and is reasonably priced. The dependability and security of Posteo make it worthwhile to get to know the Posteo email settings for using this mail provider with your email client.

  5. Posteo for email only. I've been using Posteo for years and am very happy with their service. Green and secure are the future. :) Some other reviewer mentions they think Posteo's spam filter is lacking. I disagree: it seems to do a fine job at keeping the majority of spam mails out of your inbox.

  6. Posteo or ProtonMail? Pros, cons and others' experiences.

    Posteo doesn't seem to want to modernize its webmail and login security. Everything is just the same since I joined the service. Sometimes the SMTP becomes slow. It is really hard to teach people how to spell 'posteo', since Posteo doesn't allow me to use my own domain (for the sake of security). On the upside:

  7. Posteo Reviews and Pricing 2023 - SourceForge

    Posteo is equipped with an innovative encryption concept. We always encrypt your data with the newest technologies – and promote wider use of open standards. We actively support digital civil liberties: In May 2014, Posteo became the first German telecommunications service to publish a transparency report.

  8. What makes Tutanota a great Posteo alternative is its focus on security and open source. Things that set Tutanota apart from Posteo are top notch security features such as an automatically encrypted mailbox, an easy-to-use option to send an encrypted email to anyone and U2F support. On top of that Tutanota can be used with your own domain.

  9. Using Posteo with a Custom Domain. Originally published in October, 2017 – over three years later in 2021 I am still happily using Posteo! I have been taking back control over my data. One of the biggest jumps I made was to ditch Gmail in favor of a privacy-conscious email provider, Posteo . Of all the email providers suggested by ...

  10. Access your email with IMAP - January 2023 - Mailbird

    Check our detailed instructions for your favorite email clients. Mailbird 3 steps. Gmail 5 steps. Outlook 5 steps. Thunderbird 4 steps. Windows Mail 6 steps. Your full name. Step 1: Enter your name and email address.

  11. Review privacy email provider Posteo - Hacker 10

    Posteo email security. There are a ton of security measures, and nearly all of them can be configured, Posteo is ideal for advanced privacy email users that like to have control and spend time tinkering with their security settings. It took me a good couple of hours of reading understanding all that Posteo had to offer.