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  2. Robert Morris (financier) - Wikipedia

    Robert Morris Jr. (January 20, 1734 – May 8, 1806) was an English-American merchant and a Founding Father of the United States. He served as a member of the Pennsylvania legislature, the Second Continental Congress, and the United States Senate, and he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the ...

  3. Robert Morris | Signer of Declaration, Financier of ...

    Robert Morris, American merchant and banker who came to be known as the financier of the American Revolution (1775–83). Morris left England to join his father in Maryland in 1747 and then entered a mercantile house in Philadelphia. During the war, Morris was vice president of the Pennsylvania.

  4. Who was Robert Morris? | Robert Morris University

    Financier of the Revolution. He isn’t as famous as his friend George Washington, but without Robert Morris, the American colonies’ bold attempt to throw off British rule could never have succeeded. Robert Morris was born in Liverpool in 1734 and raised by his grandmother while his father worked in the colonies as a tobacco trader.

  5. Robert Morris: The Financier of the American Revolution

    Though Alexander Hamilton receives just credit for getting the nation’s financial industry up and running, it was Robert Morris who was the engine behind the founding of America’s financial sector.

  6. The Patriot Financier Who Bankrolled the Revolutionary War

    The Patriot Financier Who Bankrolled the Revolutionary War. A brash, self-made millionaire helped fund the fight for independence, but after the war, he ended up in debtor's prison. By: Dave Roos...

  7. Robert Morris | Facts, Early Years, Life, Death & Politics

    As a wealthy merchant, Robert Morris was one of the main financiers of the American Revolutionary War. He was also a signatory of the Declaration of Independence and a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. Early Life. Robert Morris, primary financier of the Revolutionary War, painted by Robert Edge Pine Public domain image.

  8. Author and journalist Charles Rappleye explores Morris' involvement in independence in a new book, Robert Morris: Financier of the American Revolution.

  9. Robert Morris | American Battlefield Trust

    Robert Morris is best known as the “Financier of the American Revolution.” Along with his financial contributions to the emerging nation, he attending the Second Continental Congress and signed three of the four great state papers of the United States: the Declaration of Independence , the Articles of Confederation , and the US Constitution .

  10. Robert Morris - Bill of Rights Institute

    Known as the “Financier of the Revolution,” Robert Morris played a critical role in winning and securing American independence. As chairman of the Continental Congress’s Finance Committee between 1775 and 1778, Morris traded flour and tobacco to France in exchange for war supplies such as guns, powder, and blankets.

  11. Robert Morris |

    Revolutionary Career. Robert Morris served the Revolution in many financial, administrative, and political capacities. After the Stamp Act of 1765 he participated in Philadelphia ’ s nonimportation agreement even though his firm did substantial business with British traders.