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  2. List of Cornell University alumni (natural sciences) - Wikipedia

    Robert Tappan Morris (graduate study 1988–89, suspended) – author of the Morris Worm (1988) and co-founder of Viaweb; professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; fellow of the ACM and member of the National Academy of Engineering (2019)

  3. Top 10 Hackers in the World | Craw Security - Craw Security

    Robert Tappan Morris The individual responsible for developing the initial worm that propagated throughout the Internet, often known as the Morris Worm, was subsequently found guilty and convicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Subsequently, Morris became a co-founder of the Y Combinator startup incubator. 7. Kevin Poulsen

  4. Robert Tappan Morris — Wikipédia

    Robert Tappan Morris (né en 1965) est professeur au Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Il est connu principalement pour avoir développé le premier ver informatique, Morris, en 1988.

  5. Logic Bomb in Cybercrime: Exploring the Stealthy Threat to ...

    The Morris Worm: In 1988, Robert Tappan Morris unleashed the Morris Worm, one of the first significant logic bomb attacks. The worm spread across the internet, exploiting vulnerabilities in UNIX systems.

  6. Robert Tappan Morris Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth ...

    1965. Robert Tappan Morris (born November 8, 1965) is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is best known for creating the Morris worm in 1988, considered the first computer worm on the Internet. Morris was born in 1965 to parents Robert Morris (cryptographer) and Anne Farlow Morris.

  7. Difference Between Virus and Worm: Potential Cyber Threats

    Hence, worms propagate rapidly across a network. First Computer Worm: The first computer worm is considered the Morris worm created by Robert Tappan Morris, a student from Cornell University, in 1988. The primary objective of this worm was to measure the size of ARPANET .

  8. Malware & Computer Virus Facts - IPSpecialist

    Our reliance on technology is apparent in today's digital world. Computers have become an indispensable component of everyday life, helping us work,

  9. Robert Tappan Morris | Article about Robert Tappan Morris by ...

    Find out information about Robert Tappan Morris. The creator of the "Internet Worm" that wreaked havoc on many Internet systems for a day or two. Morris, the son of an NSA spook, did some jail time for...

  10. Nuestra seguridad en la era de la ciberinteligencia. – Los ...

    El primer ciberataque conocido ocurrió en 1988, cuando un estudiante de informática llamado Robert Tappan Morris creó un gusano informático que se propagó rápidamente por Internet, causando daños en miles de computadoras.

  11. Robert Morris - Sumter, South Carolina , Elmore-Cannon ...

    Robert Wayne Morris <p>Robert Wayne Morris, 83, married to the love of his life, Gertrude Lowder Morris, for sixty-two years, passed away on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at Prisma Health Tuomey.</p><p><br></p><p>Born in Sumter on April 5, 1940, he was the son of the late Algie C. Morris and the late Ruby Boykin Morris. Mr.