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  2. Chronology of the later Crusades through 1400 - Wikipedia

    The chronology of the later Crusades through 1400 provides a detailed timeline of the Crusades from after the Eighth Crusade, the last of the major expeditions to the Holy Land through the end of the 14th century. [1] This includes the events from 1270 on that led to the Fall of Outremer in 1291 and the Crusades after Acre, 1291–1399. [2]

  3. Reconquista - Wikipedia

    Meanwhile, Navarre lost all importance under King Sancho IV, for he lost Rioja to Sancho II of Castile, and nearly became the vassal of Aragon. At his death, the Navarrese chose as their king Sancho Ramírez, King of Aragon, who thus became Sancho V of Navarre and I of Aragon.

  4. Emirate of Granada - Wikipedia

    After Sancho IV's death in 1295, Muhammad II spent the rest of his reign going on the offensive against Castile, taking advantage of the weakness of the young new king, Ferdinand IV. He nurtured an alliance with James II of Aragon, raided Castilian territory, and recaptured two frontier forts at Alcaudete and Quesada.

  5. Spain's Kingdom of Navarre

    (The assassination of the teenage ruler Sancho IV in 1076 had created a succession crisis that Aragon had exploited.) Castile, too, looked to expand its influence in Navarre, invading in 1173. The Castile forces were superior in numbers and seized a number of key parts of Navarre's coastal districts.

  6. Tarifa - Cádiz, España - Wikipedia Entries on

    La plaza fue tomada a los musulmanes en 1292 por Sancho IV de Castilla, llamado el Bravo. Sancho puso al mando de la plaza a Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, señor de Niebla y Nebrija. En 1294, el infante don Juan, hermano del rey Sancho, se ofrecerá al rey Mohamed II de Granada para, traicionando a la corona castellana, recuperar Tarifa.

  7. 1280s - Wikipedia

    May – King Sancho IV (the Brave) assembles his army at Seville and sends the Castilian fleet (some 100 ships) led by Admiral Benedetto I Zaccaria to blockade the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. Meanwhile, a Marinid detachment of 1,000 cavalry moves against Seville, routing the Castilians send out to oppose them.

  8. Seville - Wikipedia

    Legend states that the title was given by King Alfonso X, who was resident in the city's Alcázar and supported by the citizens when his son, later Sancho IV of Castile, tried to usurp the throne from him.

  9. Dª. Zaida Isabel, reina de León (1070 - 1107) - Genealogyª-Zaida-Isabel-reina-de...

    She is said by Iberian Muslim sources to have been the daughter of Al Mutamid, the Muslim King of Seville. She was the mother of Alfonso VI of Castile's only son, Sancho, who, though illegitimate, was named his father's heir (but was killed in the Battle of Ucles of 1108, during his father's lifetime). Zaida converted from Christianity to Islam.

  10. Pedro 'el Católico' de Aragón, II (c.1174 - 1213) - Genealogyólico-rey-de...

    Sancha of Castile mother Constance of Sicily sister Alphonse II Bérenger, comte de ... brother Éléonore d'Aragon, comtesse co... sister About Pedro II el Católico, rey de Aragón Pedro II de Aragón, el Católico, rey de Aragón y conde de Barcelona entre los años 1196 y 1213, hijo del Rey Alfonso II "el Casto" de Aragón.

  11. Afonso Bourgogne (1291 - 1357) - Genealogy -

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