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  1. Serpent Mound, Ohio, located in southwestern Ohio, is a giant earthen mound — the largest serpent effigy in the world. Learn more about this archaeological mystery.

    Serpent Mound, Ohio: Inside the Archaeological Mystery
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  3. Serpent Mound - Wikipedia

    The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,348-feet-long (411 m), three-feet-high prehistoric effigy mound located in Peebles, Ohio. It was built on what is known as the Serpent Mound crater plateau, running along the Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio. The mound is the largest serpent effigy known in the world.

  4. Serpent Mound - Location, Origins & Preservation - HISTORY

    Serpent Mound is the world’s largest surviving effigy mound—a mound in the shape of an animal—from the prehistoric era. Located in southern Ohio, the 411-meter-long (1348-feet-long) Native...

  5. Serpent Mound - Ohio History Connection

    Serpent Mound is an internationally known National Historic Landmark built by the ancient American Indian cultures of Ohio. It is an effigy mound (a mound in the shape of an animal) representing a snake with a curled tail. Nearby are three burial mounds—two created by the Adena culture (800 B.C.–

  6. Serpent Mound -

    Nominated as a World Heritage Site, Serpent Mound is the largest surviving example of a prehistoric effigy mound in the world. Stretching 1,348 feet over the ground, the beautifully preserved ancient earthwork depicts the form of an undulating serpent with an oval shape at the head.

  7. Serpent Mound - World History Encyclopedia

    Serpent Mound (also known as Great Serpent Mound) is an archaeological and historic site in Peebles, Ohio, USA, enclosing an effigy mound 1348 feet (411 m) long in the shape of a serpent, the largest effigy mound of a serpent in the world, built between c. 800 BCE and c. 1070 CE.

  8. In Ohio, Ancient Mounds and Earthworks Gain Recognition—But ...

    Built by Native Americans, Serpent Mound and other spectacular ancient monuments have endured centuries of abuse and neglect. That’s finally changing. by Stephen Warren November 13, 2023

  9. Fort Ancient Culture: Great Serpent Mound - Khan Academy

    A serpent 1300 feet long. The Great Serpent Mound in rural, southwestern Ohio is the largest serpent effigy in the world. Numerous mounds were made by the ancient Native American cultures that flourished along the fertile valleys of the Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri Rivers a thousand years ago, though many were destroyed as farms ...