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  2. Spanish moss - Wikipedia

    Spanish moss is not parasitic, it is an epiphyte that absorbs nutrients and water through its own leaves from the air and rain falling upon it. While its presence rarely kills the trees on which it grows, it occasionally becomes so thick that, by shading the leaves of the tree, it slows the growth rate of the tree.

  3. Dracula (1931 Spanish-language film) - Wikipedia

    A Spanish-language version of Dracula was announced on October 1, 1930 with George Melford hired to direct, with actors Lupita Tovar and Carlos Villarías. Melford was a former actor who had made several directorial credits including the Rudolph Valentino film The Sheik (1921). [10]

  4. List of Spanish cheeses - Wikipedia

    A wide variety of cheeses are made throughout the country of Spain.. Some of the Spanish cheeses are internationally renowned, such as the Manchego cheese of La Mancha.Some regions are better known for their cheeses than others; 26 cheeses are classified as Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.—Denominación de Origen Protegida) by Spain and the European Union.

  5. Spanish influence on Filipino culture - Wikipedia

    Spanish was an official language of the country until immediately after the People Power Revolution in February 1986 and the subsequent ratification of the 1987 Constitution. The new charter dropped Spanish as an official language and today it is very rare to find a native Spanish speaker, less than 0.1% of the population.

  6. Spanish coup of July 1936 - Wikipedia

    The Spanish coup of July 1936 (Spanish: Golpe de Estado de España de julio de 1936 or, among the rebels, Alzamiento Nacional) was a nationalist and military uprising that was designed to overthrow the Spanish Second Republic but precipitated the Spanish Civil War; Nationalists fought against Republicans for control of Spain.

  7. Pisco - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Pisco hace referencia a varios artículos: . Bebida. Pisco (aguardiente), un tipo de aguardiente de uvas que se produce en Perú y Chile (cuyo origen está en discusión), del cual existen dos variedades:

  8. Natural-born-citizen clause - Wikipedia

    A natural-born-citizen clause, if present in the constitution of a country, requires that its president or vice president be a natural born citizen.The constitutions of a number of countries contain such a clause, but there is no universally accepted meaning for the term.

  9. Spanish football league system - Wikipedia

    * From 1929 to 1940 the Spanish pyramid was similar to the Brazilian system, two simultaneous and independent pyramids, the national pyramid, and the regional pyramid. ** The Primera and Segunda was founded by the Royal Spanish Football Association, but since 1984 is operated by the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional. Since 2015 the Primera ...

  10. Spanish Harlem (song) - Wikipedia

    "Spanish Harlem" is a song recorded by Ben E. King in 1960 for Atco Records. It was written by Jerry Leiber and Phil Spector and produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller . "Spanish Harlem" was King's first hit away from The Drifters , peaking at number 15 on Billboard ' s rhythm and blues and number 10 in pop music chart.

  11. Motel - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Un motel (acrónimo de motorist hotel) es un alojamiento característico de carretera, un hotel para descansar durante un viaje en carretera.Suele tener una o dos plantas, y a sus habitaciones se accede a través de un largo pasillo desde la recepción o incluso exclusivamente desde el aparcamiento.