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  2. Spanish language - Wikipedia

    For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help:IPA. Spanish is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from colloquial Latin spoken on the Iberian Peninsula. Today, it is a global language with more than 500 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries.

  3. the Spanish Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster Spanish

    The meaning of THE SPANISH is the people of Spain : Spanish people.

  4. Requests for new languages - Meta - Wikimedia

    Category:Old requests for new languages. General requests for: help from a Meta sysop or bureaucrat · deletion (speedy deletions: local · multilingual) · URL blacklisting · new languages · interwiki map. Personal requests for: username changes · permissions ( global) · bot status · adminship on Meta · CheckUser information ( local ...

  5. 16 Best Spanish Translation Apps for Real-time Language ...

    Use this as a quick way to check a word or have a conversation, not as a grammar checker. 6. Speak & Translate. iOS. With this app, you say the word or phrase which you need translated into your microphone, push the button and let it translate the words into the language of your choosing.

  6. FREE Spanish Word of the Day Widget - SpanishPod101

    Get the Free Word of the Day Email. You’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, right? The easiest way to start — this takes just a minute a day — is with SpanishPod101’s Word of the Day. Perfect for complete beginners and anyone that wants to learn more Spanish words. How does it work? Master the Word with the meaning, native audio ...

  7. Carlos Giusti/AP. It's becoming clearer how Puerto Rico might meet its goal of getting 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050. Half-way through a two-year federal government ...

  8. Sweet & Creamy Spanish Latte Recipe (Simple Steps)

    Instructions. Pull two shots of espresso using your espresso machine or stovetop Moka pot. You can also make ½ cup of strong coffee. Heat the milk over medium heat in a small saucepan on the stove. You want the milk scalded, not boiling, so don’t let it reach a full boil. Stir regularly to keep the milk from burning.

  9. 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga Table - The Fishy

    The 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga Table showing the record of every team in the tournament throughout the season

  10. 10 Best Spanish Pork Tapas Recipes | Yummly

    Tamale with Spanish Braised Pork Shank and White Peach Salsa Pork. bacon slices, ginger, cilantro, saffron, ground coriander, dried ancho chiles and 25 more.

  11. Liga F 2022/23 | LaLiga

    All the information of LaLiga Liga F, results, calendar, standing, clubs and the latest signings in women's soccer.