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  2. Specter Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    1 : a visible disembodied spirit : ghost 2 : something that haunts or perturbs the mind : phantasm the specter of hunger Synonyms apparition bogey bogie bogy familiar spirit ghost hant [ dialect] haunt [ chiefly dialect] materialization phantasm fantasm phantom poltergeist shade shadow spirit spook sprite vision visitant wraith

  3. Phil Spector - Wikipedia

    Harvey Phillip Spector (December 26, 1939 – January 16, 2021) was an American record producer and songwriter, best known for his innovative recording practices and entrepreneurship in the 1960s, followed decades later by his two trials and conviction for murder in the 2000s.

  4. Spector Bass Guitars is a manufacturer that started in Brooklyn New York in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney. Check out their iconic designs here!

  5. Spector - Rotten Tomatoes

    An examination of music producer Phil Spector and what happened on the fateful night of Feb. 3, 2003, when actress Lana Clarkson was shot dead in his mansion. Starring: Beth Karas, Nicole...

  6. Spector (TV Mini Series 2022) - IMDb

    Spector: With Jeff Barry, Nicole Spector, Mick Brown, Carol Connors. In 2003, a 911 call reported the fatal shooting of a woman at the home of one of the most important figures in pop music in 20th century, the legendary music producer, Phil Spector.

  7. Spector | Sweetwater

    Spector. Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1976, Spector has been crafting innovative bass guitars for more than four decades. Spector basses are renowned for their unique curved body designs, unheard-of tones, and out-of-this-world playability.

  8. Spector Bass Guitars | Sweetwater

    Spector Bass Guitars 4-string Bass Guitars 5-string Bass Guitars 6+ string Bass Guitars Get More at Sweetwater 55-point Guitar Inspection Fast, Free Shipping Free Sweetwater Support Free 2-year Warranty 1-42 of 125 Products View All Page of 3 Choose Your Favorite

  9. Spector - Wikipedia

    Spector (band), an indie-rock band from London. Spector (company), a company producing bass guitars. John-Paul Denton, British DJ and producer who has recorded under the name Spector. Doctor Spektor, a comic book character. Marc Spector, the alias of Marvel Comics character Moon Knight.

  10. Spector - Rotten Tomatoes

    Phil Spector is convicted of murder and dies behind bars; in the wake of his death, those left behind question his legacy. View Details Spector: Season 1 Photos See all photos Tv Season Info...

  11. Season 1 A chance encounter between charismatic actress Lana Clarkson and legendary music producer Phil Spector ended in a fatal shooting that forever warped his legacy. How could one of the most important figures in 20th century pop music also be a monster?