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  2. Sumio Iijima - Wikipedia

    Sumio Iijima (飯島 澄男, Iijima Sumio, born 2 May 1939) is a Japanese physicist and inventor, often cited as the inventor of carbon nanotubes. Although carbon nanotubes had been observed prior to his "invention", Iijima's 1991 paper generated unprecedented interest in the carbon nanostructures and has since fueled intense research in the ...

  3. Sumio Iijima: Inventor of Carbon Nanotubes and Pioneer of ...

    Sumio Iijima is a Japanese physicist and inventor who was the first to clearly describe the formation of carbon nanotubes and imagine their potential. Iijima’s 1991 discovery and subsequent work sparked a revolution in nanotechnology, which uses materials measured in nanometers (one billionth of a meter).

  4. Sumio Iijima: Our Researchers | NEC

    Date of birth: May 2, 1939 Professional Title and Affiliation University Professor, Meijo University Senior Research Fellow, NEC Corporation Honorary AIST Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Distinguished Invited University Professor, Nagoya University Education 1959-1963

  5. The Discovery and Future of Carbon Nanotubes Sumio Iijima - NEC

    As one of the materials that support nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes have been gathering global attention. Dr. Sumio Iijima, an NEC Senior Research Fellow, has continued, to this date, to take an active role in research activities since his discovery of this material. We interviewed Dr. Iijima about his most recent research and future prospects.

  6. Sumio Iijima | Physics Today | AIP Publishing

    Born on 2 May 1939, Sumio Iijima is a Japanese physicist who discovered carbon nanotubes. After earning his PhD in solid-state physics at Tohoku University in 1968, Iijima went to work at the university’s Research Institute for Scientific Measurements before accepting a position in 1970 at Arizona State University.

  7. Sumio Iijima | The Franklin Institute

    Sumio Iijima was educated at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo. After completing his Ph.D. in physics at Tohoku University in Sendai, he moved to Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. There, in postdoctoral research and later as a research scientist from 1970 to 1982, he worked on high-resolution electron microscopy.

  8. Iijima Sumio | Japanese scientist | Britannica

    fullerenes. In fullerene: Carbon nanotubes. In 1991 Iijima Sumio of NEC Corporation’s Fundamental Research Laboratory, Tsukuba Science City, Japan, investigated material extracted from solids that grew on the tips of carbon electrodes after being discharged under C 60 formation conditions.

  9. Helical microtubules of graphitic carbon | Nature

    Nature - On 7 November 1991, Sumio Iijima announced in Nature the preparation of nanometre-size, needle-like tubes of carbon — now familiar as 'nanotubes'. Used in microelectronic...

  10. Sumio Iijima‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

    Sumio Iijima University professor, Meijo University, Graduate School of Science and Technology Verified email at - Homepage Materials science Nano carbon materials Crystallography TEM

  11. Sumio Iijima mainly focuses on Carbon nanotube, Nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Carbon and Graphene. His studies deal with areas such as Chemical physics, Chemical vapor deposition, Fullerene and Raman spectroscopy, Analytical chemistry as well as Carbon nanotube.