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  3. Theobald | archbishop of Canterbury | Britannica

    Theobald, (born c. 1090, near Bec, Normandy [France]—died April 18, 1161), archbishop of Canterbury from 1138, prominent during the reigns of kings Stephen and Henry II of England. Theobald entered the abbey of Bec in Normandy, became prior (c. 1127), was elected abbot in 1136, and was chosen archbishop of Canterbury in 1138.

  4. Theobald I | king of Navarre | Britannica

    Theobald I, also called Theobald the Troubadour or the Posthumous, French Thibaud le Chansonnier or le Posthume, Spanish Teobaldo el Trovador or el Póstumo, (born May 3, 1201, Troyes, France—died July 8, 1253, Pamplona, Navarre [now in Spain]), count of Troyes and of Champagne (from 1201), as Theobald IV, and king of Navarre (from 1234), the most famous of the aristocratic trouvères.

  5. Theobald I | count of Blois, Chartres, and Tours | Britannica

    Theobald I, also called Theobald the Cheat, or Theobald the Old, French Thibaud le Tricheur, or Thibaud le Vieil, (born c. 908—died c. 978), count of Blois, Chartres, and Tours. Theobald earned his nickname “the Cheat” fighting with his neighbours, among them the kings of France, the dukes of Normandy, and the church of Reims.

  6. Theobald - Wikipedia

    Theobald is a Germanic dithematic name, composed from the elements theod-"people" and bald "bold". The name arrived in England with the Normans . The name occurs in many spelling variations, including Theudebald , Diepold , Theobalt, Tybalt ; in French Thibaut , Thibault , Thibeault , Thiébaut , etc.; in Italian Tebaldo; in Spanish and Portuguese Teobaldo; in Irish Tiobóid; in Czech Děpolt ; and in Hungarian Tibold.

  7. Teutonic (adj.) 1610s, "of or pertaining to the Germanic languages and to peoples or tribes who speak or spoke them," from Latin Teutonicus, from Teutones, Teutoni, name of a tribe that inhabited coastal Germany near the mouth of the Elbe and devastated Gaul 113-101 B.C.E., probably via Celtic from Proto-Germanic *theudanoz, from PIE root *teuta- "tribe."

  8. Theobald I, Count of Blois - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Blois

    Theobald I (913–975), called the Trickster (known as le Tricheur –meaning “cheater”– in French), was first Viscount of Blois and Viscount of Tours, and then from 956, Count of Blois, Chartres and Châteaudun, as well as Count of Tours . Contents 1 Life 2 Family 3 Notes 4 References 5 Sources Life [ edit]

  9. Theobald Definition & Meaning |

    Theobald, 15, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when she was 5, always felt “different” from her peers. Kid of the Year Finalist Jenell Theobald, 15, Fights For Mental Healthcare | Angela Haupt | December 23, 2021 | Time.

  10. Xtract Universal - Theobald Software GmbH

    Xtract Universal enables you to integrate your SAP data to any destination environment, fast, uncomplicated and user-friendly.

  11. Théobald Chartran - Wikipediaéobald_Chartran

    In 1902, Chartran was commissioned to paint President Theodore Roosevelt 's official portrait after successfully completing portraits of Mrs. Roosevelt in 1902 and Alice Roosevelt in 1901. [7] In discussing his experience with painting the president to Le Figaro, he said that it "was difficult to get the President to sit still.