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  2. 今日头条

    MCN 专项举报 未成年人相关举报:400-140-2108 按5. 算法推荐专项举报 京ICP证140141号 京ICP备12025439号-3 网络文化经营许可证 营业执照 广播电视节目制作经营许可证 出版物经营许可证 营业性演出许可证

  3. 今日头条. 习近平强调中非从来都是命运共同体. 激发创新活力 不负关怀期许. 星火成炬 | 永不止步 勇攀新高. (新华时评)高质量推进国家水网建设. 健康中国丨当前如何做好个人防护?. 楼下邻居家失火,孩子独自在家,妈妈机智用监控对讲通知儿子,妈妈 ...

  4. Toutiao - Wikipedia

    Toutiao (头条, "headlines") or Jinri Toutiao (今日头条, "Today's Headlines") is a Chinese news and information content platform, a core product of the China -based company ByteDance. By analyzing the features of content, users and users' interaction with content, the company's algorithm models generate a tailored feed list of content for each user. [1]

  5. ByteDance

    Toutiao is one of the most popular content discovery platforms in China. It offers users a unique, personalized and comprehensive content experience, enabling them to discover and explore topics of interest, ranging from sports and entertainment to agriculture and history.

  6. ByteDance - Wikipedia

    Toutiao (Chinese: 今日头条; pinyin: Jīnrì Tóutiáo), launched in August 2012, started out as a news recommendation engine and gradually evolved into a platform delivering content in various formats, such as texts, images, question-and-answer posts, microblogs, and videos.

  7. ByteDance's Toutiao ordered by China to halt new ...

    BEIJING, July 16 (Reuters) - TikTok owner ByteDance has been blocking new user and content creator registrations for its Chinese news aggregator Jinri Toutiao since September at the behest of...

  8. Breaking down China's most popular news app, Toutiao

    Toutiao, which means “headlines”, is a news aggregator. Think of it like Facebook’s news feed -- but without the rest of Facebook. So instead of seeing posts shared by your friends, Toutiao...

  9. What is Toutiao? China's most popular news app - Abacus

    Toutiao. What is Toutiao? China's most popular news app. One of China’s most popular news apps, Toutiao uses AI algorithms to generate an endless story feed for its 120 million daily users. It’s run by Bytedance, the company behind viral short video app Tik Tok. Read Full Story.

  10. The story behind Toutiao, the $20 billion news aggregator app

    Toutiao, a wildly popular news reader app in China, has recently reached a valuation of $20 billion in last round of $2 billion fundraising. Started by a former software engineer Yiming Zhang in 2012, Toutiao experienced exponential growth for the past five years and rode on the waves of mobile internet to gain millions of Chinese users hungry ...

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