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  2. So rampant is Oscar Wilde quote-misattribution that even his own publication, Uncyclopedia, contains many quotes falsely attributed to the Great Author. To combat this, his children now authenticate all Oscar Wilde original quotes. Wilde quote-misattribution is the national sport of England. Because of this, it is extraordinarily easy to find ...

  3. Uncyclopedia

    アンクォート. 一生使われない数々の物言い. アンサイクロペディアは数多くの言語で執筆されています。. 全ての言語版については 言語一覧 をご覧ください。. 以下は特に規模の大きな言語版です。. English(英語) - português(ポルトガル語) - Boarisch ...

  4. Uncyclopedia (Website) - TV Tropes

    The poor, meme-ridden "comedy" website Uncyclopedia is the stuff of Internet legend and infamy. The site, which is thought to have originated in 1860 as an American imperialist tool for global domination, is now a multi-national effort and is seen as the best of its kind by some. Uncyclopedia currently specializes in tedious mockery of ...

  5. Top 7 Alternatives to Wikipedia |

    Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia is an ambitious spoof of Wikipedia. It could be seen as an over-the-top response to Wikipedia users, also known as "Wikipedians", who seem to take the site much too seriously. From the home page's logo to the formatting of each entry, the parallels between the two sites are uncanny and well-executed. Make no mistake ...

  6. How to Use Uncyclopedia (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    1 Navigate to Uncyclopedia. This links to the website in English. Uncyclopedia is available in other languages (at the left of the page), although some of these websites may be insecure. 2 Look at the front page. The front page is similar to Wikipedia's, except that everything is written in a humorous/sarcastic manner.

  7. Uncyclopedia - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Uncyclopedia is the fag version of ED.. A long time ago, Like, maybe around 1337 (lolmg!) CE, someone- Wait, It was Mr. T.Yeah, Mr. T, he got some ninjas together, they were his homies.

  8. Wiki - RationalWiki

    Uncyclopedia, "the content-free encyclopedia", is a parody of Wikipedia. Inevitably, for a collaborative work of comedy, the quality and humour varies markedly, from some patches of excellent satire to lame nonsense propped up with tired internet memes. There was originally one, independently operated, Uncyclopedia hosted at ...

  9. HowTo:Make a girl fat - Uncyclopedia, the content-free ...

    2.1 Method One 2.2 Method Two 2.3 Method Three 2.4 Method Four 2.5 Method Five 2.6 Method Six 2.7 Method Seven 2.8 Method eight 2.9 Method nine 2.10 Risky Method 3 Step Two 3.1 Feed Her Fattening Food 3.2 Feed Her A Lot Of Food

  10. Interwiki map/discontinued - Meta - Wikimedia

    Botwiki Discontinued as of February 2021 and added static pointer to this page due to website being down for years. Most Pywikibot documentation can now be found at mw:Manual:Pywikibot. Discussion: Special:Permalink/21095798#Botwiki Wikinvest Discontinued due to site no longer existing; domain name acquired and paywall site

  11. 백괴사전 또는 언사이클로피디아 ( 영어: Uncyclopedia )는 인터넷 백과사전 위키백과 를 패러디 한 유머 웹사이트로, 2005년 1월 5일 에 시작되어 정교한 풍자 와 패러디에서부터 무작위 개그까지 여러 유머 수단을 사용하고 있다. 설립자 조너선 황 이 위키백과 의 슬로건을 바꿔 ‘누구나 편집할 수 있는 내용 없는 백과사전’ (the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Uncyclopedia)을 슬로건으로 내걸었다. [1]