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  2. Vannevar Bush - Wikipedia

    Vannevar Bush (/ v æ ˈ n iː v ɑːr / van-NEE-var; March 11, 1890 – June 28, 1974) was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator, who during World War II headed the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), through which almost all wartime military R&D was carried out, including important developments in radar and the initiation and early administration of the Manhattan Project.

  3. Vannevar Bush | American engineer | Britannica

    Vannevar Bush, (born March 11, 1890, Everett, Mass., U.S.—died June 28, 1974, Belmont, Mass.), American electrical engineer and administrator who developed the Differential Analyzer and oversaw government mobilization of scientific research during World War II.

  4. The Rise and Fall of Vannevar Bush | Science History Institute

    Science History Institute. Vannevar Bush (1890–1974), one of the great overachievers of the 20th century, combined the skills of an engineer, a mathematician, and a scientist with the organizational abilities of a successful military leader or company president. In 1931, while a professor at MIT, he created the first analog computer that could reliably solve differential equations with up to 18 variables.

  5. Vannevar Bush Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family Life,...

    Vannevar Bush was an American engineer, inventor, physicist, and science administrator who was instrumental in swift advance of scientific research and development of weapons during WWII. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he earned his B.S. and M.S. from ‘Tufts University,’ and a doctorate in electrical engineering from ‘MIT’ and ‘Harvard University.’.

  6. Vannevar Bush - Computing History

    Vannevar Bush (March 11, 1890 – June 30, 1974) was an American engineer and science administrator known for his work on analog computing, his political role in the development of the atomic bomb, and the idea of the memex, which was seen decades later as a pioneering concept for the World Wide Web.

  7. Department of Defense Announces 2022 Class of Vannevar Bush...

    “The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship is the Department’s most prestigious research grant award,” said Dr. Jean-Luc Cambier, the VBFF Program Director.

  8. All Stories by Vannevar Bush - The Atlantic

    Vannevar Bush was an engineer and administrator who led the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II. More + Churchill and the Scientists Long identified with the...

  9. As We May Think - Wikipedia

    Vannevar Bush " As We May Think " is a 1945 essay by Vannevar Bush which has been described as visionary and influential, anticipating many aspects of information society. It was first published in The Atlantic in July 1945 and republished in an abridged version in September 1945—before and after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  10. Is Vannevar Bush related to George Bush? - Quora

    Vannevar was a famous inventor, engineer and scientist, who was involved with early broadcasting (among his many achievements). His father was a preacher named Perry Bush, and his mother’s name was Emma (Paine). George H.W. Bush’s parents were Prescott Bush (a financier and later a senator) and Dorothy (Walker).

  11. Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship - U.S. Department of Defense

    As a devoted teacher, administrator and entrepreneur, Dr. Vannevar Bush was an ardent advocate for basic research and made creative and innovative contributions to the nation’s security. In line with his vision, the VBFF reflects the DoD’s commitment to “blue sky”, unfettered research and the exchange of scientific knowledge between the Fellows and the government to benefit the country.