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  2. Verizon's 5G Home and LTE plans are now free through the ...

    Verizon, just like all the major US carriers, is fully committed to FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides free Internet and mobile services to low-income households. That means that qualified customers benefit from affordable access to internet and mobile plans.

  3. US Mobile – Our Phones Today

    It uses the T-Mobile and Verizon network infrastructure to provide coverage across the US. US Mobile Provides one of the cheapest unlimited plans. For $45, you get 100GB of premium 5G data, $50 hotspot data, 10GB of international data and unlimited minutes and texts. You can add more than 1 line to get cheaper plans.

  4. T-Mobile and Verizon sharing a rooftop 🤌 : r/cellmapper

    T-Mobile and Verizon sharing a rooftop 🤌. Another problematic and common NYC Verizon site. They have so many of these older two antenna per sector sites that left no room for expansion without physical modification to the structure. They’re left with nowhere to add a c-band antenna here, unless they remove the CBRS/mmWave shroud.

  5. Verizon (mobile Network) News

  6. Is around 10k minutes in a month considered network abuse?

    Hello, I usually use about 9-10k minutes a month and I have never received a warning from ATT, Verizon, or T-Mobile when I was on their respective networks. I only use about 15-20GBs of data monthly and I figure T-Mobile charges Google more per gigabyte of data than minutes used. I am currently at 6,785 minutes and my plan restarts in 8 days ...

  7. Switching to US Mobile : r/USMobile -

    Switching to US Mobile. Looking to switch to US Mobile from Total Wireless. In my area, I need to keep my service on the Verizon network. Looking to port our three lines to a pooled plan. I've ordered and received 3 Super LTE SIM cards. Those cards are for the Verizon network on US Mobile, right?

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  8. r/vermont - Anyone have experience with Mint mobile in this ...

    r/vermont • 46 min. ago. Posted by Jsr1. Anyone have experience with Mint mobile in this area? Please advise. Verizon sucked, been with att but my contract is almost up….considering switching providers. Looking for how good the network is compared to the others. Vote. 1. Vermont United States of America North America Place.

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    related to: Verizon (mobile network)