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  2. Social distancing Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster distancing

    The meaning of SOCIAL DISTANCING is the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (such as six feet or more) from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection : physical distancing.

  3. Social distancing at work: Advice and tips - Medical News Today

    Social distancing continues to be one of the most important things workers can do to remain safe. Even those who are unafraid of the virus must be mindful of how it might affect others.

  4. COVID-19 Guidance on Social Distancing at Work

    Social (physical) distancing involves maintaining at least six feet of distance between people and is an effective way to help reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. The following steps can help employers implement social distancing in the workplace: Encourage workers to stay home if they are sick.

  5. Why social distancing is key in containing the new coronavirus

    “Implementing strong social distancing measures is the only way to stop the virus from spreading.” – Prof. Gerardo Chowell For live updates on the latest developments regarding the novel ...

  6. social distancing of 2m (6ft) in all premises open to the public and workplaces, where reasonable; licensed premises must take additional measures to protect customers and staff, including table ...

  7. CA Social Distancing Live Scan | Certifix Live Scan

    CA Social Distancing Live Scan Fill out your transaction information, make a payment and receive our contactless socially distant live scan service. Enroll Online.

  8. Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how ...

    More social distancing keeps even more people healthy, and people can be nudged away from public places by removing their allure. “We control the desire to be in public spaces by closing down ...

  9. Don't Enjoy Anything Anymore? Here Are 8 Ways to Overcome ...

    Seraphina is a freelance health writer with a background as a registered dietitian. Highlights: Holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honors) Practiced as a dietitian for 3 years prior to launching writing business Published health and wellbeing stories in Self, The Paper Gown, HuffPost, Well + Good, and Health

  10. CDC ends COVID-19 social distancing recommendation

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dropped some of its restrictive COVID-19 preventative measures, including quarantines and social distancing, the agency announced on Thursday.

  11. How COVID-19 Could Affect Kids’ Long-Term Social Development

    Both experts agree that a longer-term period of social distancing is when negative effects on social development would begin to develop. “All humans crave personal interaction, touch, novelty ...