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  2. Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia English 6 606 000+ articles

  3. Wikipedia

    Wikipediasare places where people work together to write encyclopediasin different languages. We use Simple Englishwords and grammarhere. The Simple English Wikipedia is for everyone! That includes children and adults who are learning English. There are 226,679 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia.

  4. Wikipedia:About - Wikipedia

    For other uses, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia (disambiguation). “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing.”. — Jimmy Wales. Wikipediais an encyclopedia that anyonecan edit, and tens of millions already have! Wikipedia's purposeis to benefit readers by acting as a widely accessible and free encyclopediathat contains information on all branches of knowledge.

  5. Wikipedia (@Wikipedia) / Twitter

    It is a big day for Wikipedia: We are getting a new look! 🎉 For the first time in 10+ years, and during our 22nd birthday month, a series of updates to English Wikipedia’s desktop will make the site more welcoming and easier to use for everyone!

  6. The - Wikipedia

    Part of a series on English grammar Morphology Plurals Prefixes Suffixes Word types Acronyms Adjectives Adverbs Articles Conjunctions Compounds Demonstratives Determiners Expletives Intensifier Interjections Interrogatives Nouns Portmanteaus Possessives Prepositions Pronouns Verbs Verbs Auxiliary verbs Mood Aspect -ing Irregular verbs Modal verbs Passive voice Phrasal verbs Verb usage Transitive and intransitive verbs Syntax Clauses Conditional sentences Copula Do-support Inversion Periphrasis Z

  7. Wikipedia | Article about Wikipedia by The Free Dictionary

    Wikipedia. The world's largest encyclopedia available on the Web at Wikipedia is user generated, and anyone can create or edit an article (see wiki ). Founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales, as of 2020, there are more than six million articles in English, as well as articles in every language on earth.

  8. Wikipedia:Introduction - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is written by many of its readers. It is a special type of website called a wiki, that makes working together easy. Many people are always improving Wikipedia, making many changes every day. You can see what changes people make on the page histories of articles and the recent changes pages.

  9. Wikipedia:Searching - Wikipedia

    If there is no appropriate page on Wikipedia, consider creating a page, since you can edit Wikipedia right now. Or consider adding what you were looking for to the Requested articles page. Or if you have a question, then see Where to ask questions , which is a list of departments where our volunteers answer questions, any question you can possibly imagine.

  10. 8 Ways to Become a Wikipedia Editor - wikiHow

    How to Become a Wikipedia Editor. The open nature of a wiki lets anyone be a Wikipedia editor. However, to be trusted within the Wikipedia community and ensure that your contributions stay requires a bit more effort. Follow these steps and you'll be a respected member of the community, given a bit of time.

  11. Differences between Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki

    The word "wiki", pronounced /ˈwɪki/ or WIK-ee, is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick" . A wiki is a type of website whose contents can be edited from the web browser, and which keeps a version history for each editable page. Wikis are often, but not always, editable by any visitor to the site. wiki (as an adjective), "the wiki way", and the antonym un-wiki are also used to describe the community-oriented philosophy that goes with such a system (e.g. "that's not a very wiki way of doing things").