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    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

  3. Universe - Wikipedia

    The universe ( Latin: universus) is all of space and time [a] and their contents, [10] including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological description of the development of the universe.

    • Sunda Strait Tsunami occurred on 22 December 2018 at around 21:38 local time after large parts of the southwestern side of Anak Krakatoa collapsed onto its caldera. The landslide spawned a massive tsunami wave that struck multiple coastal regions in Banten and Lampung, including the popular tourist destination of Anyer [Wikipedia]. #Earthquake #Terremoto #Temblor #Deprem #Gempa #Tsunami #津波 #Krakatoa #Volcano #Banten #Indonesia #foryou
    • Thanks Wikipedia #dominoschocolatelavacrunchcakes
    • Memories Off 2nd
  4. List of Wikipedias - Wikipedia

    Screenshot of (Wikipedia's web portal) showing the different languages sorted by article count Wikipedia is a free multilingual open-source wiki -based online encyclopedia edited and maintained by a community of volunteer editors , started on 15 January 2001 (21 years ago) ( 2001-01-15 ) as an English-language encyclopedia .

  5. Emmy-verðlaunin (eða Emmy Awards og Emmys) eru bandarísk verðlaun veitt fyrir framúrskarandi árangur í sjónvarpi.Veitt eru verðlaun nokkrum sinnum á ári í mörgum mismunandi flokkum sem koma að sjónvarpsþáttagerð.

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  7. Wikimedia Downloads

    A complete copy of all Wikimedia wikis, in the form of wikitext source and metadata embedded in XML. A number of raw database tables in SQL form are also available. These snapshots are provided at the very least monthly and usually twice a month.

  8. Ginnifer Goodwinová – Wikipédia

    Ginnifer Goodwinová (angl. Jennifer Michelle Goodwin; * 22. máj 1978, Memphis, Tennessee, USA) je americká herečka, známa z televízneho seriálu Kde bolo, tam bolo (2011 - 2018).

  9. Wikipedia on Aaron Director - Econlib

    By: David Henderson. Aaron Director was one of the first contributors to the area of law and economics. I defended him here from a scurrilous attack on him by Matt Stoller. If you click on the first link mentioned in the previous sentence, you’ll also see Stoller’s response. When I linked to my EconLog post on Wikipedia on Facebook earlier ...

  10. The most ridiculous Wikipedia edits ever made

    The most ridiculous Wikipedia edits ever made (30 photos) humor. 298. 33 0.