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  2. Wikimedia Foundation - Wikipedia

    The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. ( WMF) is an American 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization headquartered in San Francisco, California, and registered as a charitable foundation under local laws. [5] Best known as the hosting platform for Wikipedia, a crowdsourced online encyclopedia, it also hosts other related projects and MediaWiki, a wiki software.

  3. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/214

    184 SOPHOCLES Messenger. His own, in wrath against his father's crime. 1261 Chorus. Ο prophet ! true, most true, those words of thine. Messenger.

  4. 10-go. Św. Mikołaja z Tolentynu, Wyznawcy - YouTube

    0-go września. Żywot św. Mikołaja z Tolentynu według "Żywotów Świętych" o. Prokopa Kapucyna. https://wobronietr...

  5. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/123

    PROMETHEUS BOUND 93 All, ah me I what a sound Γ What a fragrance sweeps up from a pinion unseen Of a god, or a mortal, or nature between, 130

  6. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/438

    408 PLA TO ΛΥΙιαΙ is that? The gentle force of attainder or confiscation or death, which, as you are aware, these new Sophists and educators, Avho are the public, apply when their words are powerless.

  7. 15-go września. Siedmiu Boleści NMP - YouTube

    15-go września. Święto Siedmiu Boleści NMP (Septem Dolorum BMV) według "Żywotów Świętych" o. Prokopa Kapucyna. ...

  8. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/164

    134 AESCHYLUS If the Fate who hath bound him should loose not the links, 1250 He were utterly mad. Then depart ye who groan with him, Leaving to moan with him ; Go in haste ! lest the roar of the thunder anearing Should blast you to idiocy, living and hearing. 12.55 Chorus.

  9. 三島由紀夫ではないもの 1,081円 (2023年09月17日 09:42時点 詳しくはこちら)で購入する 鶉居はどこからきたの? 御降り 今日は御降りである。尤も歳事記を検べて見たら、二日は御降りと云はぬかも知れぬ。が蓬莱を飾つた二階にゐれば、やはり心もちは御降りである。下では ...

  10. a Guido Orlandi / Una figura de la Donna lyrics

    Una figura de la Donna mia. s’adora, Guido, a San Michele in Orto, che, di bella sembianza, onesta e pia, de’ peccatori è gran rifugio e porto. E, qual con devozion lei s’umilia, chi più languisce più n’à di conforto: l’infermi sana e’ demon caccia via, ed occhi orbati fa vedere scorto. Sana in publico loco gran langori:

  11. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/267

    ALCESTJS 237 Outside, — Thessalian people's marriage-feasts And gatherings for talk will harass me, With overflow of women everywhere ; It is impossible I look on them —