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  2. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/380

    XENOPHON Xenophon, the only other Greek historian besides Herod- otus and Thucydides. of the so-called classical period , whose ΛνοΓΐί8 are extant, was born near Athens about 430 B. c.

  3. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/198

    168 SOPHOCLES Creon. Leading her on to where the desert path Is loneliest, there alive, in rocky cave Will I immure her, just so much of food Before her set as may avert pollution,^ eso

  4. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/461

    IDYL I. THE DEATH OF DAPHNIS 431 Of Libya, Chromis ; and I '11 give thee, first, 25 To milk, ay thrice, a goat — she suckles twins, Yet ue'ertheless can fill two milk pails full ; —

  5. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/405

    THE TRUE POLITICIAN 375 if I do not know that in the Athenian State any man may suffer anything. And if I am brought to trial and incur the dangers of which you speak, he will be a villain who brings me to trial — of that I am very sure, for no good man would accuse the innocent.

  6. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/155

    PROMETHEUS BOUND 125 A royal race in Argos. Tedious speech Were needed to relate particulars Of these things ; 't is enough that from her seed 1020

  7. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/347

    THE BATTLE OF MARATHON 317 where the Persians themselves and the Sacae ^ had their place, the barbarians were victorious, and broke and pursued the Greeks into the inner country ; but on the two wings the Athenians and the Plataeans de- feated the enemy.

  8. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/70

    40 HOMER Fairer, in length more large and strength of spine, 510 Under his belly in the woolly hide Clinging with both hands resolute recline ; And thus, groaning in soul, we wait the Dawn divine.

  9. Max Weber - Wikipedia

    Max Weber. Maximilian Karl Emil Weber ( / ˈveɪbər /; German: [ˈveːbɐ]; 21 April 1864 – 14 June 1920) was a German sociologist, historian, jurist and political economist, who is regarded as among the most important theorists of the development of modern Western society. His ideas profoundly influence social theory and research.

  10. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/178

    148 SOPHOCLES Guard. Yea, news of fear engenders long delay. Creon. Wilt thou not speak, and tben depart in peace ? Guard. Well, speak I will.

  11. Page : Masterpieces of Greek Literature (1902).djvu/457

    ORATION ON THE CROWN 427 roofs : ^ no, not I ! Neither is it on deeds like these that I plume myself. But would you justly estimate my outworks, you will find armaments and cities, and settlements, and harbors, and fleets, and cavalry, and armies raised to defend us : — these are the defences that I drew around Attica, as far as human prudence could defend her, and with such outworks as ...