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  2. Wikisource is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization which also hosts other free-content projects: Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

  3. Wikisource

    Local Wikisource languages • Wikisource — The Free Library Table of Wikisources • Proofreading statistics Page views

  4. Wikisource - Wikipedia

    Wikisource is an online digital library of free-content textual sources on a wiki, operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikisource is the name of the project as a whole and the name for each instance of that project (each instance usually representing a different language); multiple Wikisources make up the overall project of Wikisource.

  5. Wikisource:What is Wikisource? - Wikisource, the free online...

    Wikisource – The Free Library – is a Wikimedia Foundation project to create a growing free content online library of source texts, as well as translations of source texts in any language. This page attempts to define what Wikisource is, what it is not, and what distinguishes it from other Wikimedia projects.

  6. Wikisource is a Free Library of source texts which are in the public domain or legally available for free redistribution. Wikisource is an official project of the Wikimedia Foundation and a sister project of Wikipedia , The Free Encyclopedia .

  7. Erotica - Wikisource, the free online library

    A listing of works widely held to be sexually titillating, and often written expressly for that purpose. Death and the Standing Nude by Barthel Beham.

  8. Wikisource:Wikisource and Wikibooks - Wikisource

    In most cases, distinguishing between content appropriate to Wikisource and Wikibooks is relatively easy: Wiki source is a collection of public domain texts that have already been published elsewhere in the past. Most of the texts at Wikisource are old books whose copyright has expired.

  9. Wikisource:Books - Wikisource, the free online library

    A repository of books created from Wikisource texts with the book tool. The newest validated works can be found in Indexes validated by date. The following icons indicate text quality: This text has been proofread: This is a featured text

  10. Wikisource:Languages - Wikisource

    Languages. This page lists local languages here at the Multilingual Wikisource. [1] Languages with subdomains are listed here. This wiki has a total of 68,989 content pages. The vast majority are accounted for in the language categories listed in the chart above.

  11. Wikisource

    Wikisource, projet de bibliothèque soutenu par la Wikimedia Foundation, est élaboré par des contributeurs bénévoles. Chacun peut participer à la création ou la relecture d’un ouvrage, en respectant les règles du droit d’auteur et celles établies par la communauté ; par exemple, un texte doit être vérifiable grâce à un fac-similé.