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  2. Wilhelm Groener - Wikipedia

    Wilhelm Groener: Reichswehrminister am Ende der Weimarer Republik (1928–1932). Munich: Oldenbourg, 1993. ISBN 978-3-486-55978-1; Rakenius, Gerhard W. Wilhelm Groener als Erster Generalquartiermeister: Die Politik der Obersten Heeresleitung 1918/19. Boppard a.R.: Boldt, 1977. ISBN 978-3-486-81738-6

  3. Wilhelm Groener | German general and politician | Britannica

    Wilhelm Groener, in full Karl Eduard Wilhelm Groener, (born November 22, 1867, Ludwigsburg, Württemberg [Germany]—died May 3, 1939, Bornstedt, near Potsdam, Germany), German general and politician who helped prevent a communist revolution in Germany after World War I by throwing army support to the moderate Social Democratic government of ...

  4. Wilhelm Groener - Weimar Republic

    Wilhelm Groener (1867-1939) was a high-ranking military officer whose support for Friedrich Ebert and the SPD helped suppress a socialist revolution in Germany in 1918-19. He later became a minister in several Weimar governments. Born in Württemberg in southern Germany to a military family, Groener enlisted in the army in 1884.

  5. Meet the Freikorps : Vanguard of Terror 1918-1923 - The National...

    Early in the revolution, he had signed off on a pact with the High Command--Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg and his able chief of staff (actually “Quartermaster General”), Wilhelm Groener. The officer corps pledged to defend the new Republic, and in return, Ebert promised to support the army, to restore law and order, and to do everything ...

  6. Ebert–Groener pact - Wikipedia–Groener_pact

    Groener is considered the most loyal of the military leaders of the Weimar Republic. His successor, Hans von Seeckt , who, from October 1, 1919, held the new position of chief of the Truppenamt (as the Treaty of Versailles did not allow Germany to have a general staff) was unwilling to follow every order given to him by the civilian government.

  7. Wilhelm Groener – Wikipedia

    Karl Eduard Wilhelm Groener war ein württembergischer Generalleutnant und deutscher Politiker. Nach wichtigen militärischen Funktionen im Ersten Weltkrieg leitete er von 1920 bis 1923 das Reichsverkehrsministerium, von 1928 bis 1932 amtierte er als Reichswehrminister und seit 1931 zusätzlich als Reichsminister des Innern, ohne einer Partei ...

  8. The Weimar Republic | Holocaust Encyclopedia

    In this moment of great confusion and turmoil, the army under General Wilhelm Groener offered the Social Democratic Chancellor, Friedrich Ebert, a deal. In exchange for a guarantee not to reform the officer corps or reduce the power of the armed forces, Groener promised the support of the military in maintaining order and defending the government.

  9. Groener, Wilhelm | International Encyclopedia of the First World...

    As head of the Railway Section at the General Staff, Groener was responsible for the timely transport of troops to the front in August 1914. He was sacked from the Supreme Army Command ( Oberste Heeresleitung, OHL) in August 1917 and deployed to the front in Ukraine.

  10. Wilhelm Groener - Prussian Machine

    Karl Eduard Wilhelm Groener (22.11.1867 - 03.05.1939) place of birth: Ludwigsburg (Württemberg) Königreich Württemberg: 1. General-Quartiermeister, KG, Generalleutnant Generalleutnant Wilhelm Groener was a career officer in the Württemberg Army who served at the end of the Great War as First Quartermaster General.

  11. Wilhelm Groener | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Karl Eduard Wilhelm Groener (22 November 1867 – 3 May 1939) was a German soldier and politician. His organisational and logistical abilities resulted in a successful military career before and during World War I.