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  2. How to sign in with another account in Gmail

    Open your Google account, log in if you aren't already. On the main page, select Personal info, located on the menu to the left: In the part that says Alternate emails, select Add alternate email: At that time, you can now enter the new email address that you wish to store.

  3. How to Add a Second Gmail Account

    Step 3. Tap Add another account. Step 4. Select Google (or other type of account) and tap Continue. Step 5. When you select Google, like on desktop, you can either add an existing account or create a new one. To create one, click Create account, and select either for myself or to manage my business. Step 6.

  4. Click on the Profile icon. Click on Add another account. Click on Add another account. Sign in to the Gmail account you want to use in congruence with the account (s) you’re already signed in to. Sign in to the other Gmail account you want to use simultaneously. Repeat steps 3 – 5 for any other Gmail accounts you want to add to this array.

  5. How do I switch to a different Google account in Gmail?

    2 Answers. If you're using Gmail, click your profile icon in the top right hand corner and click "Add Account". Sign into the other account, and you can then switch back and forth between the two accounts by clicking the profile icon again. You will need a new profile for your wife. Go to chrome://settings (type that into the location bar) and ...

  6. How to login and switch between more than one Gmail account

    Your accounts have separate settings, but in some cases, settings from your default account might apply. Additionally, you may encounter access denied or request access to G Suite applications such as Docs, Forms, and Sheets. If you attempt to access these resources with your Non-FIT account.

  7. How can I access another person's Gmail account? [Solved ...

    How do I find the owner of a Gmail account for free? There are a few ways to find the owner of a Gmail account. One way is to use a Google search, which will show you any public posts that the person has made on social media. Another way is to use an email address lookup service such as Email Finder or Whoishere.

  8. Accessing Gmail from someone else's computer with its own ...

    How can I access my Gmail account (a) from a different computer (b) with a different Gmail account? When I entered in computer b, it immediately switched to its own saved Gmail name and password, which couldn't be modified.

  9. To set it up: Click the Settings link, and select the Accounts tab. Under ‘Grant access to your account,’ click the Add another account link. Enter the email address of the person you’d like ...

  10. I want to access my gmail account from another device and…

    Hi, I want to access my gmail account from another device and not my desk top. Gmail won't accept my password. I also have a new cell number now and it won't recognise it in being able to set a new password, can you help ? Technician's Assistant: Hi. Do you remember any old passwords you've used with your Gmail account?

  11. Difference Between Gmail Account and Google Account

    Key Difference – Gmail Account vs Google Account. The key difference between Gmail account and Google account is that Google account enables access to a variety of services provided by Google, whereas Gmail account mainly helps in managing a person’s email. Google began its journey in 1998 as a search engine.