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  2. Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail - AOL Help

    Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail. Find out how to fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail. If you're having problems viewing and receiving your AOL Mail, it could be caused by a few things. Most of the issues can be fixed with a couple of quick troubleshooting steps.

  3. We will do our best to assist. To ensure the correct IMAP settings are on both devices, review this link: Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app or download your email Once there, scroll to the section labeled "AOL Mail POP and IMAP settings". The IMAP settings are listed in the chart.

  4. Why is my AOL email not syncing? - YouTube

    00:00 - Why is my AOL email not syncing?00:38 - How do I get my AOL mail to sync?01:16 - How do I sync AOL Mail with Gmail?01:44 - Why is my AOL mail not wor...

  5. Fix problems with third-party mail applications - AOL Help

    Learn what to do if you're having trouble accessing your AOL Mail using a third-party email application. If you're having problems accessing AOL Mail through third-party applications, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, try troubleshooting with these suggestions to make sure your email works where and when you need it. Update your password.

  6. Why does aol not sync on my iPhone - Apple Community

    Williamvito wrote: My aol mail is not syncing on my iPhone. Two aol accounts. Contact aol or look at their support site. Delete and reinstall the mail accounts.

  7. Why is aol mail app not syncing to watch - Apple Community

    Hey litbits, We see you're having trouble getting your AOL mail on your Apple Watch. To clarify, does AOL Mail sync properly to the Mail app on your paired iPhone? If so, confirm if your AOL Mail account is set to show on your Apple Watch using the steps outlined here: Manage mail on Apple Watch. Let us know the results.

  8. 7 Ways to Solve AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone - Wondershare

    Step 1: Connect your Device and Launch the Tool. At first, just connect your iPhone to the computer, launch the toolkit, and load the System Repair module from its home. Step 2: Select a Relevant Repairing Mode. To proceed, you can visit the iOS System Repair feature and select a repairing mode.

  9. I can’t get my aol email account to sync, I’ve reset the…

    Please remove the email account from the MAIL app and add it again. Open Mail app. Click on Settings ( a gear-like symbol ) at the bottom left corner of the MAIL app. Click on Manage accounts on the right side. Click on your email account. Click on Change settings. Click on Delete accounts and Delete it.

  10. Fix problems with the AOL app on Android - AOL Help

    Verified for version 4.4 and later. 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap Apps. 3. Tap AOL. 4. Tap Force Stop. 5. If prompted, tap Force Stop again to confirm. 6. Relaunch the app and attempt to reproduce the issue.

  11. AOL email will not sinc on Samsung Android. Can a ... - Verizon

    AOL email worked fine for about 20 days and now it rarely ever syncs. In the research I've done online, I've found it to be a common problem and has something to do with the Mail app not working properly with AOL's servers. There are other apps for Mail you can download from the Play Store that people have had success with.