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  2. Audio » ASMR | Gumroad Discover

    Sakubus asmr Pt.1 Saku Ushi 5.0 (1) $1 About 1 Hour of Binaural Ear Touching and Whispering Robert Duff No ratings $1 + Ambient Lo-fi Music - Monthly Audio Pack ChillMindscapes No ratings €5 a month Hot and new products View all Ambient Lo-fi Music - Monthly Audio Pack ChillMindscapes Whispering Trigger Words - ASMR VARA Softly Singing - ASMR VARA

  3. asmr | Audio » ASMR | Gumroad Discover

    No ratings $5.49 Hair Dryer Sound , ASMR 3 Hours Acerting Art 5.0 (1) $4.99 MEDITAZIONE BODY SCAN ASMR COACHING No ratings €4 Whisper Spa Day ASMR Jessica Cross No ratings $8.99 Ear Touching Sound Chaos Version Robert Duff About 1 Hour of Binaural Ear Touching and Whispering Robert Duff ASMR Muscle Building Journey Mp3 Jessica Cross

  4. The ASMR Report - Gumroad

    Follow the development of ASMR worldwide and get the latest news delivered to your inbox. Powered by

  5. ASMR Therapist - Gumroad

    $25 + a month ASMR Therapist Dry Brushing Video No ratings $15 + ASMR Roleplay Facial & Blackhead Extraction Personal Attention No ratings $10 + ASMR Therapist Cowgirl Dirt MP3 No ratings $2 + ASMR Role Play ~ Washing Your Face ~ Sponge & Lotion Sounds 5.0 (1) $10 + ASMR Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day No ratings $2 +

  6. Gumroad - Manny ASMR

    ASMR Boyfriend Snaps & Cries When He Forgets Anniversary! 5.0 (1). CAD$3.84

  7. [ASMR] Affectionate Mother (18+EroAudio) - Gumroad

    $6 + Oolay-Tiger VA🎙 7 ratings Put on your headphones and relax, your Mommy doesn't want you to go out with your friends. She'll do anything to make you stay with her and cuddle like you used to! [CONTAINS] Binaural recording, ASMR, whispering, ear licking, kissing, affection, mother/son, Mommy kink, female moans [RUNTIME] 10mins ---

  8. nightmarecatcher17 asmr. Showing 1-9 of 13 products. $. Maximum price. $. Rating. and up and up and up and up. Contains. mp4 (11) png (2)

  9. Tender Touch - NSFW ASMR Track by Diana Lockhart - Gumroad

    Tender Touch - NSFW ASMR Track by Diana Lockhart. $5. Diana Lockhart (18+ Voice Actress) 0 ratings. "You're not feeling well, so you quarantine yourself in your college dorm room. Your girlfriend, however, rushes over to comfort and take care of you. All you want is sleep, so your girlfriend offers to give you a relaxing body massage."

  10. Sexy ASMR, Try on tops! -

    $24.99 2 ratings Around 30 minutes ASMR video includes Try On Different white tops (no bra), sensual sounds of them and beautiful look on me with green shorts/white strings! Girl friend role play with Gentle voice and high Pony tail hair dress! With brushing and playing with it! Quantity I want this! 14 sales Watch link provided after purchase Size

  11. ASMR Therapist Premium Membership - Gumroad

    ASMR & Relaxation videos for you! Roleplay, nature, tingles, sounds & whispers. All that's weird and whispery in the wonderful world of ASMR.