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  2. Linux sar 命令详解 - 李永三 - 博客园

    #sar -n选项使用6个不同的开关:dev,edev,nfs,nfsd,sock,ip,eip,icmp,eicmp,tcp,etcp,udp,sock6,ip6,eip6,icmp6,eicmp6和udp6 ,dev显示网络接口信息,edev显示关于网络错误的统计数据,nfs统计活动的nfs客户端的信息,nfsd统计nfs服务器的信息,sock显示套接字信息 ...

  3. How to Install and Configure an NFS Server on Ubuntu 20.04

    sudo cat /proc/fs/nfsd/versions ... /backups /backupssudo mount -t nfs -o vers=4 /srv/www. Where is the IP of the NFS server. You can ...

  4. How to Set Up NFS Server and Client on CentOS 8

    Note that the other services that are required for running an NFS server or mounting NFS shares such as nfsd, nfs-idmapd, rpcbind, rpc.mountd, lockd, rpc.statd, rpc.rquotad, and rpc.idmapd will be automatically started. The configuration files for the NFS server are: /etc/nfs.conf – main configuration file for the NFS daemons and tools.

  5. OPKG 软件包管理_whatday的博客-CSDN博客_opkg 软件包

    Opkg 是一个轻量快速的套件管理系统,目前已成为 Opensource 界嵌入式系统标准。常用于路由、交换机等嵌入式设备中,用来管理软件包的安装升级与下载。

  6. OpenBSD FAQ: Networking

    # rcctl start portmap mountd nfsd If changes are made to /etc/exports while NFS is already running, mountd must be made aware of this. # rcctl reload mountd Mounting NFS Filesystems NFS filesystems should be mounted via mount(8), or more specifically, mount_nfs(8). To mount the /docs filesystem on host to local filesystem /mnt, run:

  7. Docker Hub

    A lightweight, robust, flexible, and containerized NFS server. Image. Pulls 1M+ Overview Tags. erichough/nfs-server. A lightweight, robust, flexible, and ...

  8. sar命令使用详解 - howhy - 博客园

    #sar -n选项使用6个不同的开关:dev,edev,nfs,nfsd,sock,ip,eip,icmp,eicmp,tcp,etcp,udp,sock6,ip6,eip6,icmp6,eicmp6和udp6 ,dev显示网络接口信息,edev显示关于网络错误的统计数据,nfs统计活动的nfs客户端的信息,nfsd统计nfs服务器的信息,sock显示套接字信息 ...

  9. linux 查看即时网速 - konglingbin - 博客园

    另外,-n参数很有用,他有6个不同的开关:dev | edev | nfs | nfsd | sock | all ,其代表的含义如下: dev显示网络接口信息。 edev显示关于网络错误的统计数据。 nfs统计活动的nfs客户端的信息。 nfsd统计nfs服务器的信息; sock显示套接字信息; all显示所有5个开关?

  10. basnrc“ E212:...

    1,服务器端软件: 安装nfs-utils和portmap(rpcbind) nfs-utils: 提供rpc.nfsd 及 rpc.mountd这两个NFS DAEMONS的套件 portmap: NFS其实可以被看作是一个RPC SERVER PROGRAM,而要启动一个RPC SERVER PROGRAM,都要做好PORT的对应工作,而且这样的任务就是由PORTMAP来完成的。

  11. fcntl(2) - Linux manual page - Michael Kerrisk

    F_GET_FILE_RW_HINT (uint64_t *; since Linux 4.13) Returns the value of the read/write hint associated with the open file description referred to by fd. F_SET_FILE_RW_HINT (uint64_t *; since Linux 4.13) Sets the read/write hint value associated with the open file description referred to by fd. If an open file description has not been assigned a ...