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  2. Bottom of the pyramid | economics | Britannica

    bottom of the pyramid (BOP), also called base of the pyramid, term in economics that refers to the poorest two-thirds of the economic human pyramid, a group of more than four billion people living in abject poverty. More broadly, BOP refers to a market -based model of economic development that promises to simultaneously alleviate widespread ...

  3. How Bottom of the Pyramid Strategies Are Paying Off in the ...

    Five years after C.K. Prahalad wrote his book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, he explains the impact his ideas have had on companies implementing Bottom of the Pyramid strategies in an interview with Knowledge at Wharton. Leadership Written By Knowledge at Wharton Staff

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    • What is the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) Market? Consumer Behaviour in the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) Market
  4. The base of the pyramid: will selling to the poor pay off?

    The bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) market leader, arguably, is Unilever, with its Anglo-Dutch colonial heritage and a chief executive, Paul Polman, who is determined to improve the world. Unilever...

  5. Bottom of the Pyramid | Major Sustainability

    The World Bank effectively summarizes the power and promise of “bottom of the pyramid” (BOP) business strategy: “Four billion low-income consumers, the majority of the world’s population, constitute the base of the economic pyramid…their aggregate purchasing power and their behavior as consumers suggest significant opportunities for ...

  6. Prahalad’s “Bottom of the Pyramid” - SpringerLink

    Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) (also referred to as “Base of the Pyramid”) is a term used to describe the poorest socioeconomic segment of the world’s population, as well as a management concept that recognizes this segment as a viable market for the world’s largest companies.

  7. Bottom of the pyramid - Wikipedia

    Examples of BoP business [ edit] Microcredit [ edit]. One example of "bottom of the pyramid" is the growing microcredit market in South Asia,... Market-specific products [ edit]. One of many examples of products that are designed with needs of the very poor in mind... Innovation [ edit]. There is a ...

  8. Bottom of The Pyramid In A Nutshell - FourWeekMBA

    Key takeaways The bottom of the pyramid is a term describing a vast and extremely poor socio-economic group who subsists on less than... Bottom of the pyramid markets was popularized by author CK Prahalad. He argued that despite their lack of wealth,... Businesses operating at the bottom of the ...

  9. Bottom of the Pyramid Strategy – The Real Challenges and ...

    You are probably familiar with the term Bottom of the pyramid (BOP) which refers to the poorest two-thirds of the human pyramid in economics. It is a market-based model of economic development that promises to improve widespread poverty while providing profits and growth for multinational companies at the same time.