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  2. California State Court Records - UniCourt

    Search online court records from California Superior Courts, Justice Courts, and Circuit Courts for free. Lookup civil, family law, probate, small claims, labour, personal injury and other types of California State Court cases by name, case number, party, attorney, judge, docket entry & more.

  3. Appellate Case Search - California

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

  4. Case Search - Judiciary of Pennsylvania

    All Philadelphia Municipal Court docket numbers begin with ‘MC-51’ (Example: MC-51-SU-0009999-2017). Appellate Court(Supreme, Superior, Commonwealth) docket numbers begin with a number, followed by two or three letters, and then a four-digit year (Examples: 4000 WDA 2017, 4000 EAL 2017, 4000 CD 2017)

  5. U.S. District Court Records | PACER Case Search | UniCourt

    notice to counsel todd v. mcmurtry, j. will huber: within 21 days, counsel shall file a motion to appear pro hac vice, a certificate of good standing signed by the clerk of a united states district court or a u. s. appellate court where admitted, and pay a fee of $150.00 (lr 83.01(b)). phv due by 5/16/2022. (bs) (entered: 04/25/2022)

  6. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

    General Docket No. 2022-2 announces minor changes to local rules to conform to amendments of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. These changes have been incorporated in local rules available on this website.

  7. Traffic | Superior Court of California | County of Alameda

    Pursuant to California Rule of Court 4.105 you may request a court trial without the deposit of bail. Two court appearances are required if you wish to contest the violation(s) without posting bail. You must appear first in Walk-in Court for arraignment and enter a plea of Not Guilty on or before the due date on your courtesy notice.

  8. Appellate Division - First Judicial Department

    (e) Docket Number. The cover of all records, briefs and appendices shall display the appellate division docket number assigned to the cause, or such other identifying number as the court shall direct, in the upper right-hand portion opposite the title. § 1250.7 Form and Content of Records and Appendices; Exhibits (a) Format.

  9. It has only existed since 1975, and before it was created the highest court was the state appeals court. The Kentucky Supreme Court hears criminal appeals to sentences of death, life in prison, or imprisonment of twenty years or more. These cases are assigned directly to the Kentucky Supreme Court as original jurisdiction.