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  2. To do their best work, remote employees need easy access to their everyday apps and data, no matter where they are. Citrix Gateway is an on-premises solution that makes remote access simple without compromising employee experience—all while protecting access to apps and resources in a secure, easy-to-manage solution.

  3. Citrix Access Gateway

    Welcome to the myApps portal for remote access. If you are using an untagged device and this is your first time using myApps Please download Citrix to view your ...

  4. ATTENTION! Microsoft Teams will be removed from The Citrix Portal. Please see see Announcements on iCentral for more info. All USERS!!! For Core Hours (M-F 9AM-5PM) Support contact the Service Desk at 916-464-4311.

  5. SmartAccess / SmartControl – Citrix Gateway – Carl Stalhood

    Create a Citrix Gateway Session Policy that is applied when the EPA factor succeeds. Go to Citrix Gateway > Policies > Session. On the tab named Session Profiles, click Add. Name it FullAccess or similar and click Create. The Session Profile does not need any settings. Switch to the tab named Session Policies and click Add.

  6. Citrix Gateway

    rdx.page_auto_refresh_off. Logoff is successful.

  7. NetScaler AAA

    SECURITY INFORMATION. Whenever you download a file over the Internet, there is always a risk that it will contain a security threat (a virus or a program that can damage your computer and the data stored on it).

  8. Install Citrix Receiver to access your ... - Citrix Gateway

    all users!!! for core hours (m-f 9am-5pm) support contact the service desk at 916-464-4311. warning unauthorized access to any state of california computing system containing us government or state of california information is a criminal violation of penal code section 502 and/or applicable federal law and is subject to civil and criminal sanctions.

  9. On Citrix StoreFront management console > Manage Citrix Gateways > check Citrix Gateway URL is correct. Confirm external users are using the same URL for external store access. For more information, please refer to CTX235900 - Error: "Cannot Complete Your Request" Due to Incorrect Citrix Gateway URL Usage

  10. To log into the Citrix Access Gateway you need to have the ...

    To b eabl to access n twork drives (such as G:, H: R: etc), wh n logging into th Citrix Remote access portal, click on File Transfer 2. You will then be presented with the following screen Click on the network drive under Enterprise File Shares. 3. Toaccess an etwork drive, simply selec toneofth vesli dund rEnt rpri FileSh es under

  11. Native One Time Passwords (OTP) – Citrix Gateway 13 – Carl ...

    Workspace app 1809 and newer with Citrix Gateway 12.1 build 49 and newer support nFactor authentication. Older Receivers and older NetScalers don’t support nFactor with Receiver, so you’ll instead have to use a web browser. Citrix Gateway VPN Plug-in 12.1 build 49 and later support nFactor when authenticating from the VPN Plug-in.