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  2. Tutorial: Azure AD SSO integration with Citrix ShareFile

    Follow these steps to enable Azure AD SSO in the Azure portal. In the Azure portal, on the Citrix ShareFile application integration page, find the Manage section and select single sign-on. On the Select a single sign-on method page, select SAML. On the Set up single sign-on with SAML page, click the pencil icon for Basic SAML Configuration to ...


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  4. Google Cloud environments | Citrix DaaS

    To create a Citrix Cloud Service Account, follow these steps: In the Google Cloud console, navigate to IAM & Admin > Service accounts. On the Service accounts page, select CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT. On the Create service account page, enter the required information and then select CREATE AND CONTINUE.

  5. System requirements and compatibility | Citrix Workspace app ...

    Citrix Workspace app for Windows is compatible with the following Windows Operating Systems: Operating system. Windows 11. Windows 10 Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit Editions). For more information about compatible Windows 10 versions, see Windows 10 Compatibility with Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

  6. Security | Workspace Environment Management 2209 -

    You can import rules exported from AppLocker into Workspace Environment Management. Imported Windows AppLocker settings are added to any existing rules in the Security tab. Any invalid application security rules are automatically deleted and listed in a report dialog. In the ribbon, click Import AppLocker Rules.

  7. Reporting tool | Citrix ADC 13.1

    The Reporting tool is a web-based interface accessed from the Citrix® Citrix ADC® appliance. Use the Reporting tool to display the performance statistics data as reports containing graphs. In addition to using the built-in reports, you can create custom reports, which you can modify at any time.

  8. Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Cloud Performance by ...

    2.67%. Top Platforms Platform Median (ms) Avail. Ranked median response time. Split into percentile brackets. 25th 50th 75th 95th 0ms 100ms 200ms 300ms 400ms 1. Citrix ITM Multi Cloud Optimized ** 53 99.89% 2. Azure Cloud - US North Central 55 99.28% 3. AWS EC2 us-east-1c US East (N. Vi... 56 99.28% 4.

  9. Troubleshoot common issues | Profile Management 2209 -

    Check servers. To determine whether a server is processing a user’s logons and logoffs correctly, check the file called PmCompatibility.ini in the user’s profile in the user store. The file is present in the profile’s root folder. The last entry in the file is the name of the server from which the user last logged off.

  10. Dynamic session timeouts | Citrix DaaS

    Dynamic session timeouts. This feature lets you configure disconnected and idle session timeouts for your peak and off-peak usage times to achieve faster machine draining and cost savings. This feature applies to single-session and multi-session OS machines. A VDA reports idle times for sessions that have been idle for more than 10 minutes, so ...