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  2. How to Get Help and Support | Citrix Cloud

    Click Forgot password? on the login page of your Citrix account. Verify that you are using the correct user name or email address by selecting the user name or email option under Find my account by. Click Find My Account. If a valid user name or email is identified, follow the steps in the password reset email sent to your inbox.

  3. Sign up for Citrix Cloud | Citrix Cloud

    You can access your Citrix account by logging in at with a user name (also known as a web login) or your email address, if one is linked to your account. Important: A user name maps to a single, unique Citrix account, but an email address can map to multiple Citrix accounts.

  4. Occasionally, individuals create new Citrix accounts due to a purchase of Citrix product or to find information, however; in most instances, the company purchasing the product already has a Citrix account or the Citrix Order Fulfillment department creates an account for a net new customer who does not have one and applies the product to that account.

  5. Download Citrix Licensing - Citrix

    Citrix Licensing. Subscribe to RSS notifications of new downloads.

  6. My Account ご登録情報変更の手順について

    1. My AccountLoginします。 ログインページは こちら をクリックしてください。 2. 左ペインの「企業情報と連絡先」をクリックします。 3. 「企業情報」の画面で、変更する項目の右にある、編集ツール(ペンのマーク)をクリックします。 4. 所定の箇所に情報を入力し、「変更を保存」をクリックします。 5.

  7. Deleting my citrix account - Discussions Forum Feedback ...

    Needed account to uninstall software which did not uninstall completely ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client" is still there) ... Now I cannot download the uninstaller: "This content is restricted." , nor I can delete my account. Not only illegal, but plain unprofessional and malevolent.

  8. Login Screen to Windows Shows Previous User Account First ...

    Applicable Products Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Symptoms or Error Login screen to windows shows previous user account at first and then change to the current user account Solution 1-Launch group policy management in AD

  9. Add accounts | Citrix Workspace app for Mac

    To add a Citrix Workspace app account. Open the Citrix Workspace app for Mac. In the Welcome to Citrix Workspace screen, enter your details and click Continue. Enter you credentials, if prompted. From the Citrix Workspace app, click the account icon in the top‑right corner and navigate to Preferences window. In the Preferences window, click ...

  10. Can't log into Citrix account - General Questions - Discussions

    Can't log into Citrix account Ask question x. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Learn more. 1; x. Follow, to receive updates on this topic

  11. My Citrix Account - Discussions Forum Feedback - Discussions

    Once you have a new MyCitrix account you can move the cert/training info over yourself. Customer Service will be able to associate your forum profile to your new MyCitrix account. Good luck, mine took a couple of weeks to get everything done. I can pass you my ticket number if you need one to reference. Thanks Carl.