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  2. 200 N. Main Street, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90012 213.978.7200 Phone 213.978.7211 Fax

  3. Controller Launches Updated Payroll ... - City of Los Angeles

    L.A. Controller Ron Galperin unveiled an updated version of his Payroll Explorer website, which allows anyone to search current and historical pay and benefits information for City of Los Angeles employees. Users can search by department, job or employee and will find data for this year, 2021, and each calendar year back through 2013. Created in 2013 as part of Control Panel L.A. — the City's first Open Data portal — the Controller has improved Payroll Explorer regularly, adding employee ...

  4. All City Departments by Payroll | Control Panel LA

    Controller Galperin. created Dec 9 2015. updated Feb 4 2020. Description. Payroll information for all Los Angeles City Departments since 2013. Data for calendar years, updated on a quarterly basis by the Los Angeles City Controller's Office. Activity.

  5. 2011–2020 salaries for Los Angeles | Transparent California

    Chief Port Pilot II Los Angeles, 2018: $0.00: David Flinn: CHIEF PORT PILOT II Los Angeles, 2019: $0.00: Charles Boswell: Fire Captain I Los Angeles, 2020: John Dwyer: Chief Port Pilot Ii Los Angeles, 2020: $0.00: John L Dwyer: Chief Port Pilot II Los Angeles, 2018: $0.00: David Flinn: Chief Port Pilot Ii Los Angeles, 2020: $0.00: Kevin Rudd: Fire Captain Ii Los Angeles, 2020

  6. City of Los Angeles. 200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Call 311 or 213-473-3231. TDD Call 213-473-5990. Submit Feedback. Submit Feedback About Stay ...

  7. The City of Los Angeles is a progressive employer and we recognize and embrace the connection between personal well-being and increased productivity. As the General Manager of the Personnel Department I am committed to recruiting, developing, and supporting a diverse workforce of full time, part time, and contractual employees who fulfill their ...

  8. 7/1/2022. $16.04. After 2021, the new Minimum Wage Rate will be updated annually and it will be based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for the Los Angeles metropolitan area, which is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  9. Paystub Codes Defined - Los Angeles City Employees ...

    Paystub Codes Defined. In order to help you better understand the different codes on your LACERS retirement benefit paystubs, we have provided the following explanation of terms for your reference: *Please refer to the sample paystub shown here, which contains numbered entries that correspond to the terms listed below. 1. Annuity. 2. Pension.

  10. How To Look Up Salary Ranges for City of Los Angeles Employee ...

    How To Look Up Salary Ranges for City of Los Angeles Employee Classes . 1. Search for the Class Title or Class Code in which you are interested in the following pages. (Hint: Ctrl-F is the shortcut for search or find.) 2. Note the MOU number or if there is an Ordinance number for the Class. 3. Go to 4.