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  2. Spanish Class Seniors - Specialty Spanish

    updated on January 2, 2023 AP Spanish Classroom Decor Culturally Responsive Teaching Student Engagement Spanish Class Seniors Jamie How do you celebrate your Spanish Class Seniors at your high school? Don’t you agree that teaching seniors is so bittersweet? They bring with them a depth of knowledge, a sense of humor and usually some maturity.

  3. A Spanish Teacher Starts a Classroom Debate

    A Spanish Teacher Starts a Classroom Debate 8 February, 2023 A Spanish teacher was explaining to her class that nouns in Spanish are referred to as either masculine or feminine, unlike in English. For example, “House” is feminine: “la casa”. However, “pencil” is masculine: “el lapiz”. A student asked, “What gender is ‘computer’?”

  4. School finds the right favour with completion of new ...

    The school had to delay the first day of school for its high school students from last week until Tuesday because of supply chain issues for the completion of the new classroom block. READ MORE:

  5. Dual Language (English/Spanish) 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher

    Dual Language (English/Spanish) 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher Mundelein Elementary School District #75 Mundelein, IL Posted: February 08, 2023 Full-Time Position Type: Elementary School Teaching/ESL/Bilingual Classroom Date Posted: 1/26/2023 Location: Washington School Date Available: 08/14/2023Description: Please see attached letter. Attachment (s):

  6. The other thing locked classroom doors keep out - Chalkbeat

    Of course, we’ve had exterior doors locked and a strict visitor check-in policy for most of the 20-plus years I’ve been teaching at this high school. The new mandate grew out of the ...

  7. Most Florida school districts aren’t requiring teachers to ...

    It’s been two weeks since the district directed teachers to temporarily cover or store classroom library books, as 52 certified media specialists review classroom and school library books across ...

  8. VIDEO: Gun found in Hamden classroom -

    A gun was found in a classroom closet at a school in Hamden. Just yesterday, a 21-year-old man drowned after falling through the ice at Shawnee Mission Lake.

  9. 32 Interesting Activities For Introducing Yourself - Teaching ...

    Here are a few ideas for some different games and activities to get you started! 1. Two Truths and a Lie. Fun for both students and teachers, you think of two truths and one lie about yourself and read them aloud in any order. The students then ask ‘yes/no’ questions to determine the correct answers.

  10. 6 Essential Skills for New Teachers Joining the Classroom in 2023

    Creativity and Adaptability: The most effective educators are those who can think creatively and quickly adjust to new situations. New teachers should be open to new ideas and techniques and ...

  11. Discussion on classroom surveillance : r/Columbus

    Discussion on classroom surveillance. My apologies to everyone who was taken aback by the last post. I'm not accusing any Ohio school districts of installing classroom cameras. Just wondering what your thoughts are about classroom cameras. My opinion. Benefits of cameras in classroom. alleviate hostility. increase teacher productivity.