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    • 1. provide (a person or organization) with materials, money, staff, and other assets necessary for effective operation: "ensuring that primary healthcare workers are adequately resourced"
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  3. A natural resource might be any natural substance that humans utilise. This includes oil, coal, natural gas, metals, stone, sand, air, sunlight, soil, and water. Natural resources may also include animals, birds, fish, and vegetation. Food, fuel, and raw materials for manufacturing are all made from natural resources.

  4. What is a Common Resource? (with pictures) - Smart Capital Mind

    A common resource is a resource readily accessible to all members of the public who wish to obtain benefits from it. Some examples are natural, like forests, rivers, and lakes. Others are made by humans, as in the case of irrigation canals and reservoirs. With a common resource, limiting availability would be difficult and members of the public ...

  5. What Are Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)?

    What Makes a Resource? Kubernetes resources define the types of data you can store in your cluster. They’re accessed via the Kubernetes API which provides endpoints for creating, listing, and modifying items within each resource type. You can add custom resources to store your own arbitrary data inside your cluster.

  6. Defining resources, models, and operations in a REST API - IBM

    To define resources, models, and operations in a REST API, complete the following steps: Use the Header section of the REST API Editor to display and modify general information about the REST API. The REST API base URL field displays the current base path for the REST API. All resources in a REST API are defined relative to its base path.

  7. What Is Resource Depletion? (with pictures) - Smart Capital Mind

    Resource depletion occurs when the raw materials available in a given geographic region are used up. Any resource of which there is a limited supply or that regenerates its supply over time at a limited rate can become depleted. Deforestation, mining, and oil consumption all consume resources that are commonly used in manufacturing and for ...

  8. Resource: Customized living component service definitions and ...

    Have a provider outside of customized living deliver certain services (e.g., personal care assistance [PCA], adult companion) • Use natural supports to meet their assessed need, such as family members • Not address their assessed need and know the possible outcomes of this decision.

  9. Glossary | DataBank - World Bank

    Metadata Glossary. Code. NY.GDP.TOTL.RT.ZS. Indicator Name. Total natural resources rents (% of GDP) Long definition. Total natural resources rents are the sum of oil rents, natural gas rents, coal rents (hard and soft), mineral rents, and forest rents. Source.