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  2. Nonrenewable Resources Definition - Investopedia

    Nonrenewable Resource: A nonrenewable resource is a resource of economic value that cannot be readily replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption. Most fossil fuels, such as oil ...

  3. Typed Resource Definitions - FEMA

    Resource typing definitions will help define resource capabilities for ease of ordering and mobilization during a disaster. As a result of the resource typing process, a resource’s capability is readily defined and an emergency manager is able to effectively and efficiently request and receive resources through mutual aid during times of ...

  4. Human Resources (HR) Definition - What is Human Resources (HR)

    Human resources (HR) is the department within a business that is responsible for all things worker-related. That includes recruiting, vetting, selecting, hiring, onboarding, training, promoting, paying, and firing employees and independent contractors. HR is also the department that stays on top of new legislation guiding how workers need to be ...

  5. OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms - Resource rent Definition

    Definition: The economic rent of a natural resource equals the value of capital services flows rendered by the natural resources, or their share in the gross operating surplus; its value is given by the value of extraction. Resource rent may be divided between depletion and return to natural capital. Source Publication:

  6. Open Educational Resources (OER): Overview and Definition

    Open educational resources are materials for teaching or learning that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed, or shared ...

  7. Web resource - Wikipedia

    The web is designed as a network of more or less static addressable objects, basically files and documents, linked using uniform resource locators (URLs). A web resource is implicitly defined as something which can be identified. The identification serves two distinct purposes: naming and addressing; the latter only depends on a protocol.

  8. Glossary - Acin

    N. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Natural Language Processing (NLP) Near misses Network. Network Alignment Score (Acin) Network assurance Network Member (Acin) Network signal strength. Networked data Non-financial risk management (NFRM) Non-Financial Risk (NFR)

  9. A lawsuit in which one or more members of a large group, or class, of individuals or other entities sue on behalf of the entire class. The district court must find that the claims of the class members contain questions of law or fact in common before the lawsuit can proceed as a class action. Clerk of court.

  10. Details of the initiative definition structure - Azure Policy

    As an example, you could define a policy initiative definition to limit the locations of resources in the various included policy definitions. A parameter for that policy initiative definition could be allowedLocations. The parameter is then available to each included policy definition and defined during assignment of the policy initiative.

  11. What is DevOps? DevOps Explained | Microsoft Azure

    A compound of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology to continually provide value to customers. What does DevOps mean for teams? DevOps enables formerly siloed roles—development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security—to coordinate and collaborate to produce better, more ...