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  3. SSS Sickness Benefit: Requirements and Application

    Sickness benefit is cash allowance paid daily for how long the employee is unable to go to work due to sickness or injury. Of course, playing hooky by calling in sick when it is not true happens to be a common occurrence, so there has to be a set of requirements in order to legitimately apply for a sick leave with benefits.

  4. New SSS Contribution Table 2022 - FilipiKnow

    For an employee with an MSC of Php 20,000, the total monthly contribution is Php 2,630 (Php 900 employee’s share + Php 1,730 employer’s share with EC contribution). This is the amount the employer must remit to the SSS, which is posted on the employee’s SSS account after payment.

  5. SSS Contribution Table 2022 | SSS Membership Benefits - News

    The following SSS contribution table contains how much members need to contribute monthly for their accounts effective January 2022. Pursuant to the enactment of Republic Act 11199 (Social Security Act of 2018), which includes a provision that increases the Social Security contribution rate to 13%, the minimum Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) to P3,000, and maximum MSC to P25,000 effective 2022 ...

  6. How To Update SSS Contribution Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How To Update SSS Contribution of Employee: A Quick Guide for Employers. 1. Log In to Your My.SSS Employer Account; 2. Click Payment Reference Number on the Main Menu; 3. Cancel the Existing Electronic Contribution Collection List (E-CCL), Provided You Haven’t Paid for It Yet; 4. Select Collection List Details; 5. Edit the employee’s ...

  7. How to Check SSS Contribution →【SEE MORE】 -

    How to Check SSS Monthly Premiums. In addition to knowing how to view SSS contribution, you can check out the monthly premiums. To do this, follow the instructions: Log in to SSS; Click on “E-Services” and then “Inquiry”; In the “Member Info” tab, click on “Current Premiums” and you can perform SSS online verification.

  8. Republic of the Philippines SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM SPECIMEN SIGNATURE CARD SSS Form L - 501 07-94 Tel. No. I. This form SSS Form L-501 should be accomplished in two 2 copies by the responsible officials authorized by the employer to certify and/or sign documents on the Social Security System SSS.

  9. Registration for Men 18-25. Selective Service registration is required by law as the first part of a fair and equitable system that, if authorized by the President and Congress, would rapidly provide personnel to the Department of Defense while at the same time providing for an Alternative Service Program for conscientious objectors.

  10. Republic of the Philippines Social Security System

    SSS will send a notification to the registered email address of the employer stating that the application was submitted successfully with the transaction details of their reimbursement application and at the same time email notification shall also be sent to the employee for the confirmation of advance payment of sickness benefit.

  11. How to Check SSS Contribution Inquiry →【SEE MORE】

    Upon prior registration, any member (employee and employer) can access. For more information on contributions, click How SSS Contribution Works and check out! The fact is that because you do not need to address a SSS branch, the member may use a computer, tablet, mobile phone or any device with Internet access to check your SSS online inquiry.