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  2. Who Is 'Wonder Woman's Villain? The Real Story Of Erich ...

    That’s no coincidence: Patty Jenkins has discussed Wonder Woman is an agent of peace, and Ludendorff is a human embodiment of warfare. To the end, he seemed to sincerely believe that war was...

  3. Erich Ludendorff | DC Extended Universe Wiki | Fandom

    Erich Ludendorff Real name Erich Ludendorff Alias (es) General Ludendorff Ares (by Diana) Herr General Species Human Metahuman (briefly) Nationality German Gender Male Birthdate April 9, 1865 Deathdate November 10, 1918 Title (s) General Affiliation (s) World War I Central Powers Imperial German Army Ares (unknowingly) Status Deceased Appearances

  4. What Happened To Wonder Woman Villain General Ludendorff In ...

    Ludendorff plays a prominent role in Wonder Woman, though the character typically appears every 20 minutes. The conflict derives from Diana's plan to stop the German general at all costs, specifically his plan to gas people on the Western front.

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  5. General Ludendorff in 'Wonder Woman' Was a Real Person - Vulture

    He served as quartermaster general under Paul von Hindenburg (who does not appear in Wonder Woman, robbing Brian Cox of a plum role ), which made Ludendorff second-in-command of the German...

  6. Everything You Need to Know About the Nazi Villain from ...

    Ludendorff may not have shot his own men as depicted in Wonder Woman, but he did show a casual disregard for the human costs of the war. He was among the worst of the behind-the-lines...

  7. Erich Ludendorff | Villains Wiki | Fandom

    General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff, simply known as General Erich Ludendorff, is the central antagonist of the 2017 DC Extended Universe superhero film Wonder Woman . He is a quartermaster general in the Imperial German Army during World War I and the superior of Doctor Poison.

  8. Wonder Woman (2017) (Film) - TV Tropes

    The movie takes elements of this toward the end, when Wonder Woman kills Ludendorff in battle. The real Erich Ludendorff lived until 1937, almost twenty years after the events of the film. The German high command also survived the war, but they are gassed by Ludendorff and Dr. Poison in the film. There's an even bigger one that's not as obvious.

  9. Did Wonder Woman rewrite history? - Digital Spy

    In fact, one of the main baddies is the real-life Erich Ludendorff, played by Danny Huston in the movie. Unlike reality, though, Ludendorff doesn't survive World War One – he's killed by...

  10. Erich ludendorff, The wonder woman villain who existed in ...

    O General Ludendorff While in her original film, Wonder Woman comes face to face with an evil man who seeks, through biological weapons, to reach the supreme power of Germany. In reality, Erich Ludendorff was an important strategist for the German Empire and for the then growing Nazi ideology.