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  2. Homepage | U.S District Court

    The District of New York held its first session on the first Tuesday of November 1789 at the Old Royal Exchange in lower Manhattan presided over by Judge James Duane, who was appointed by President Washington. It was the first court to sit under the new United States Constitution, preceding the United States Supreme Court by a few months.

  3. Juries in the United States - Wikipedia

    A citizen’s right to a trial by jury is a central feature of the United States Constitution. It is considered a fundamental principle of the American legal system. Laws and regulations governing jury selection and conviction/acquittal requirements vary from state to state (and are not available in courts of American Samoa), but the fundamental right itself is mentioned five times in the ...

  4. Rule 49. Special Verdict; General Verdict and Questions

    The court may require a jury to return only a special verdict in the form of a special written finding on each issue of fact. The court may do so by: (A) submitting written questions susceptible of a categorical or other brief answer; (B) submitting written forms of the special findings that might properly be made under the pleadings and ...

  5. A Brief Description of the Federal Criminal Justice Process

    Investigations, Grand Juries, and Arrests. If a crime is brought to the attention of federal authorities, whether by a victim of the crime or a witness to it (e.g., a bank robbery), a federal law ...

  6. Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court | PACER: Federal Court Records

    Notice to Debtor by Bankruptcy Petition Preparer (Form 19B) DEF22a: Statement of Current Monthly Income (Form 22A) DEF22b: Statement of Current Monthly Income (Form 22B) DEF22c: Statement of Current Monthly Income (Form 22C) DEFb7: Statement of Financial Affairs (Form B7) DEFER: Fee Deferred: DEFmaillist: Mailing List of Creditors: DEFsch ...

  7. United States District Court ... Federal Jury Duty Information; ... Cases Removed to the District Court: 2.04 : 38 : Demand for Jury Trial: 2.05

  8. Corporations Information Sheet 1 - Federal Court of Australia

    (a) comply with the demand, or (b) apply to the Court under s459G of the Corporations Act for an order that the demand be set aside. 2.6 Any application under s459G of the Corporations Act to set aside a Statutory Demand must be filed with the Court and served on the creditor within 21 days after service of the demand. The 21 day compliance ...


    While this document reflects court policies existing as of the date of its preparation, in the event there is a conflict between its contents and any Rule or statement of policy issued by the Supreme Court, the Judicial Council, or the Administrative Director of the Courts, that Rule or statement of policy, rather than this document, will be

  10. How to Remove a Case to Federal Court - American Bar Association

    Note: Do not forget to research and file any other material required as part of defending a suit in the particular federal court generally, such as a corporate disclosure statement or demand for jury trial. Removal Documents to File in the State Court. You must “promptly” notify the state court from which the case is being removed.

  11. Table of Contents | 2022 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

    Rule 38. Right to a Jury Trial; Demand; Rule 39. Trial by Jury or by the Court; Rule 40. Scheduling Cases for Trial; Rule 41. Dismissal of Actions; Rule 42. Consolidation; Separate Trials; Rule 43. Taking Testimony; Rule 44. Proving an Official Record; Rule 44.1. Determining Foreign Law; Rule 45. Subpoena; Rule 46. Objecting to a Ruling or ...