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  2. How to find out old email messages in Outlook? - ExtendOffice

    A. In Outlook 2007, please click the File > New > Search Folder. B. In Outlook 2010/2013/2016, please click the Folder > New Search Folder. 2. In the New Search Folder dialog box, select and highlight the Old mail in the Select a search Folder: box. And then select an email account in the Search mail in drop-down box.

  3. How do I access my old hotmail account? - Microsoft Community

    Hello! I have not accessed my old Hotmail account in some time. Now I need to, but Hotmail takes me to a new, empty Outlook account instead. Googling tells me I should sign in to Hotmail with my old e-mail address and password, but I cannot find an option in Outlook to do that. Everything I try just keeps taking me to the new, empty account.

  4. How to find an old mail account and connect it to ...

    I would like to inform you that, Hotmail and Outlook are same domains Email addresses. Earlier was known as Hotmail. Later Microsoft changed it to Outlook. For the above issue description, I understand that you are not receiving any Emails in your Hotmail Email account. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

  5. Easy Ways to Find the Smtp Server in Outlook 365: 7 Steps

    1. Open Outlook. 2. Click the File tab and click Info (Windows only) or click Preferences and Accounts (Mac only). 3. Click Account Settings. 4. Click Manage profiles. 5. Click Email accounts. 6. Click the Email tab. 7. Double-click the email address you want to find to SMTP for.

  6. 5 Ways to Find Old Emails in Gmail - wikiHow

    Select a date. Click a day on the calendar to select a date. Click "<" or ">" at the top of the calendar to move forward or backwards a month.Make sure "All mail" is selected in the line next "Search" at the bottom of the Search Filter options.

  7. Cannot connect to Verizon (AOL) mail using Outlook or account ...

    To overcome problem #1, in Outlook I clicked File and then Account Settings, then I deleted the connection to my existing account which was connected to the old POP and SMTP servers. Then I returned to the File, and clicked "+Add Account" followed by POP to re-create the connection but now with the new and smtp ...

  8. Outlook 2016 blank login popup with O365 account - Microsoft Q&A

    Trying to make Outlook 2016 work on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with O365 accounts. But every time I try to add an account to Mail (in control panel, so I can use it in outlook) it will drop the modern authentication window but it's blank so I'm stuck. Nothing I've found online worked permanently so far: Office and Windows is fully up to date