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  2. August von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    Anton Ludwig Friedrich August von Mackensen (born Mackensen; 6 December 1849 – 8 November 1945), ennobled as "von Mackensen" in 1899, was a German field marshal. [2] He commanded successfully during World War I (1914–1918) and became one of the German Empire 's most prominent and competent military leaders.

  3. Eberhard von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    In 1937, Mackensen became commander of the 1st Cavalry Brigade in Insterburg. Mackensen was appointed major general on 1 January 1938, and on 1 May 1939 became commander in the Army Group Command V in Vienna, where he became chief of staff under Field Marshal Wilhelm List. Mackensen (2nd from right)

  4. August von Mackensen | German military officer | Britannica

    August von Mackensen, (born Dec. 6, 1849, Haus Leipnitz, Saxony [Germany]—died Nov. 8, 1945, Celle, Ger.), German field marshal and one of the most successful commanders in World War I.

  5. August von Mackensen: The German Field Marshal Dubbed 'The ...

    When the First World War broke out in July 1914, August von Mackensen was 65 years old and still in charge of the XVII Army Corps. He was also one of the most experienced commanders in the Imperial German Army. Right off the bat, he led his men in a number of offensives, including the battles of Tannenberg and Gumbinnen.

  6. August von Mackensen – Wikipedia

    Anton Ludwig Friedrich August Mackensen, ab 1899 von Mackensen (* 6. Dezember 1849 in Leipnitz; † 8. November 1945 in Burghorn ), war ein preußischer Generalfeldmarschall. Aus bürgerlichen Verhältnissen stammend, stieg er als Offizier bis zum Adjutanten des Kaisers Wilhelm II. auf und wurde von diesem 1899 geadelt.

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  7. How and when did von Mackensen die? - Axis History Forum

    Hello! Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen died 8th november 1945 in Burghorn (near Celle, Niedersachsen in the north of Germany), while escaping from the Red Army. His grave is on the Stadtfriedhof (municipal cemetery) in Celle. April 13th, 1945 british soldiers conquered Burghorn, where v. Mackensen lived at this time.

  8. Eberhard von Mackensen – Wikipedia

    Friedrich August Eberhard von Mackensen (* 24. September 1889 in Bromberg; † 19. Mai 1969 in Neumünster) [1] war ein deutscher Heeresoffizier, zuletzt Generaloberst im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Mackensen wurde nach Kriegsende von den Alliierten als Kriegsverbrecher zum Tode verurteilt, allerdings kurz darauf begnadigt.


    TRIAL OF GENERAL VON MACKENSEN AND GENERAL MAELZER BRITISH MILITARY COURT, ROME 18 TH -30 TH NOVEMBER, 1945 Outline of the Proceedings The Charge The Evidence Findings and Sentence Notes on the Case Reprisals Definition Article 50 of the Annex to the Fourth Hague Convention (1907) and Reprisals When Reprisals are Admissible

  10. Last Ride at Anzio: The German Counterattacks, February 1944

    By January 25th, when General Eberhard von Mackensen arrived from northern Italy to take command of the new 14th Army, he already had a solid three-division picket in a crescent around the beachhead: 65th Infantry Division on his right, defending the line of the Moletta River in the west, 3rd Panzergrenadier Division in the center, defending …