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  2. This is what you should do to clean up Gmail and get rid of old emails: Log in to your account. Click on the search bar. Type “before: [date]” (replace [date] with an actual date) and hit enter. This search option tells Gmail to find all emails that were sent or received before the specified date and display them.

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      Web - How to Clean Gmail Inbox Easily with Clean Email

  3. How to Get Gmail Inbox Zero: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

    Let’s take a closer look at each of these Gmail Inbox Zero strategy steps so that you can clean your Gmail inbox effectively. Step 1: Sort New Messages Whenever you receive a new message, you should process it as soon as you see it. Here are a few examples of how different messages can be processed so they don’t clutter your mailbox:

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  4. Emails Search in Gmail is about to get much faster

    While it’s totally fine to keep everything in your inbox but there comes a time when you have to search for an important email which gets nearly impossible due to the bulk of emails in your inbox. Understanding the issue, Gmail introduced a new search feature for web users in July.

  5. 5 great free time-saving Gmail extensions -

    Gmail Tabs There was a time when Gmail labels were a fine way to organize messages. But if you’re inbox looks like mine, the left-hand sidebar has gotten completely out of hand. You can...

  6. Gmail storage full? Kill this monster problem with this magic ...

    How to delete all promotions emails to fix Gmail storage full problem. Step 1: Apart from blocking the sender, you can also get rid of the existing promotional emails. Step 2: First, log in with your Gmail account on a desktop or laptop. Step 3: Then, in the search bar, simply type “unsubscribe” and hit enter.

  7. Your Gmail Account Has Unlimited Addresses -

    The service you’re using that email with will think it’s an entirely new address, but any emails to that address will still be sent to your inbox. This works for any Gmail address, even if the ...

  8. How to keep your Gmail Inbox free of Spam and Promotions

    Go to Gmail settings Click on the Inbox tab Make sure the Inbox type is set to “Default” Add a check to the “Promotions” category Click on “Save Changes” Gmail Filters Utilizing Gmail...

  9. You can quickly move the emails from your inbox to the archive folder. If there are emails that you do not need right now but are not sure if deleting them would be a good idea, it is better to relocate them to the archive. Thus, it will be available in the future and will not make your inbox look cluttered.

  10. Gmail adds glanceable package tracking right in your inbox

    Within the next few weeks, Gmail will begin to show you package tracking and delivery information right in your inbox. This information will be displayed in the list view of your inbox and in a ...