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  2. Hans Carl von Carlowitz and “Sustainability” | Environment ...

    Hans Carl von Carlowitz and “Sustainability” The concept of “sustainability,” or “Nachhaltigkeit” in German, can be traced back to Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645–1714), who managed mining on behalf of the Saxon court in Freiberg.

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  3. guiding principle of sustain- ability has its origins in forestry. In 1713 – 300 years ago this year – Hans Today’s Carl von Carlowitz, a German, published his book Silvicultura oeconomica, which advocated the conservation, growing and use of wood in a continuing, stable and sustained manner.

  4. Hans Carl von Carlowitz - Wikipedia

    The idea of sustainability, wherever it occurs in the history, emerges in time of crisis and scarcity. Around 1700, the mining industry and livelihood of thousands was threatened in Saxony. It was not that the mines had been exhausted of their ores, the problem was an acute scarcity of timber.

  5. Introduction | Sustainability: A History, Revised and Updated ...

    Subject Journals Books Sustainability: A History, Revised and Updated Edition Jeremy L. Caradonna Contents Front Matter Introduction Human Society, the Economy, and the Natural Environment are Interconnected A Society Will Respect Ecological Limits or Face Collapse A Society that Hopes to Stick Around Long Term Needs to Plan Wisely for the Future

  6. Conceptual History - BASF

    It was first used in the year 1713 by Hans Carl von Carlowitz, who demanded that the relationship between logging and reforestation remained balanced. He wanted to ensure the sustainable, i.e. long-term supply of wood as a raw material, but did not pursue any further goals.

  7. Sustainable Development and Sustainability | SpringerLink

    A number of milestones have been reached since the first definition of sustainability appeared in 1713 by Hans Carl von Carlowitz to reach the current state of sustainable development (SD), e.g. Our Common Future, the Rio Conference, the Johannesburg Conference, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  8. Sustainability - JSTOR

    We have sustainable cities, economies, resource management, business, livelihoods - and, of course, sustainable development. Sustainability has become, par excellence, what Thomas Gieryn (1999) calls a 'boundary term': one where science meets politics, and politics meets science.

  9. Sustainability - German forestry - 300 yrs of sustainability ...

    Hans Carl von Carlowitz was the first who formulated the three pillars of sustainability: environmental equilibrium, economic security and social justice. His concept o of sustainable forest management gave rise to modern forestry in Germany and established the country’s reputation as the cradle of sustainability.

  10. Sustainability: a 21st century concept?: Trends in Plant Science

    Over 300 years ago, Hans Carl Von Carlowitz coined the idea of sustainability in his book Sylvicultura Oeconomica (published 1713). Von Carlowitz worked as a mining administrator for the court of Augustus the Strong (Elector of Saxony) in a region that, at that time, harbored the world’s largest mining center (now part of Germany).