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  2. Web portal - Wikipedia

    A web portal is a website that provides a broad array of services, such as search engines, e-mail, online shopping, and forums. America Online was the first web portal. Some other American web portals include Pathfinder, Excite, Netscape, Go, NBCi, MSN, Lycos, Voila, Yahoo!, and Google Search. Personal portal

  3. Overview of portals Web API - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

    Portals Web API operations require a Power Apps portals license. For example, Web API calls made by anonymous users are counted towards page view capacity. Web API calls made by authenticated users (internal or external) are not counted towards page views, but require applicable licenses. More information: Power Apps portals licensing FAQs

  4. Captive portals: What are they for, and how do they work?

    In this blog, we’ll be discussing the burning questions which surround captive portals and explaining how they work within marketing and business processes. What is a captive portal? A captive portal is a web or splash page displayed before end-users can authenticate onto WiFi (another examples being services or servers, etc), typically by ...

  5. Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field | NASA

    Mission planners long thought that MMS might have to spend a year or so learning to find portals before it could study them. Scudder's work short cuts the process, allowing MMS to get to work without delay. It's a shortcut worthy of the best portals of fiction, only this time the portals are real. And with the new "signposts" we know how to ...

  6. Solved: How to enable SSO in PowerApps Portals? - Power ...

    Hello Power Users, I have been trying to configure SSO (Single Sign On) in my portals to ensure the users who hit the Portal URL should auto sign in if already an existing session is available. I could able to disable Local Sign on/ Registration and other options to sign in. This is my current my ...

  7. Frequently asked questions - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

    Power Apps portals supports the following TLS 1.2 cipher suites as per Microsoft Security Policy to account for multiple clients support. Strongest cipher suites are at the top of the list. This ensures the clients always use the strongest cipher suite that they support from this list while connecting to portals. TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM ...

  8. Customize the sign-in and registration page in Power App Portals

    Now, then, what do we do? We create one. Because we cannot get to the web page, the page template or the web template we need to work with the smaller parts, the Content Snippets. In this case the Page Copy. We get this done from the backend. Open the Portal Management App from Not sure what the Portal Management App is?

  9. Construction - WorkSafeBC

    The British Columbia Institute of Technology School of Construction and the Environment offers Construction Safety Videos on topics such as carpentry, joinery, piping, sheet metal, steel trades, welding, and electrical. The videos are available to help anyone in the construction industry to conduct work activities in a healthy and safe manner.

  10. Client portals for accountants | NetClient CS - Thomson Reuters

    Easily set up portals for your clients, and they can access shared documents and services in an instant. Access online accounting software Give your clients anytime, anywhere access to software — from accounting applications to Microsoft® Office — through the Virtual Client Office extension.

  11. Your Army email is moving to Army 365 - National Guard

    • Webmail https://webmail.apps.milthis is the web location to access email without the Outlook application (not to be confused with OWA) • OWA –Office Web Application is the web location to access email without the Outlook application.