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  2. Get started with Citrix Workspace | Citrix Workspace

    There are two ways to access Citrix Workspace. One is through the natively installed Citrix Workspace app, which replaces Citrix Receiver for simple, secure access to Citrix Cloud services and workspaces. The other way to access Citrix Workspace is through a browser with the Workspace URL.

  3. Citrix Workspace app - Citrix Product Documentation

    Citrix Workspace app provides instant, secure, and seamless access to all the resources that your end users need to stay productive. Citrix Workspace app includes access to virtual desktops, virtual apps, web and SaaS apps, and features such as embedded browsing, and single sign-on (from anywhere and from any device).

  4. Install and uninstall | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    S C L You can download Citrix Workspace app from the Download page of Citrix or from your company’s download page (if available). You can install the package by: Running an interactive Windows-based installation wizard. Or Typing the installer file name, installation commands, and installation properties using the command-line interface.

  5. Citrix Workspace Overview | Citrix Workspace

    Get started overview. Citrix Workspace is set up through the Citrix Cloud console, in which there’s an Identity and Access Management administration screen and a Citrix Workspace management interface called Workspace Configuration. Getting started with Citrix Workspace involves the following tasks.

  6. Configure multiple Workspace URLs (Preview) | Citrix Workspace

    The domain-based discovery finds two results and GACS settings are configured for both of them. The response returned is: <> and <>. In this case, account addition fails with Citrix Workspace app as it supports adding only one account with GACS settings configuration.

  7. - NetScaler AAA

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  8. Authentication | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    Go to Administrative Templates > Citrix Components > Citrix Workspace > User Authentication > Local user name and password. Select Enable pass-through authentication. Depending on the configuration and security settings, select Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA option for pass-through authentication to work. To configure StoreFront:

  9. Update | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    October 7, 2023 Contributed by: S Manual update If you have already installed Citrix Workspace app for Windows, download and install the latest version of the app from the Citrix Downloads page. For information on the installation, see Install and Uninstall. Automatic update

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  11. Configure | Citrix Workspace app for HTML5

    The Global App Configuration Service for Citrix Workspace allows a Citrix administrator to deliver Workspace service URLs and Workspace App settings through a centrally managed service. For more information, see the Global App Configuration Service documentation. Notes: This feature is available for workspace and HTTPS‑based stores only.