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  2. ‎IMO indirect mobility discount | AT&T Community Forums

    The Indirect Mobility Offer (IMO) is a mobility discount AT&T offers to eligible employees of AT&T National Retail, Authorized Retail, Local Dealer Channel, and Apple locations (collectively “Indirect Retailer”). Target managers aren't eligible for this offer. We hope this information clarifies your inquiry.

  3. ‎indirect mobility offer | AT&T Community Forums

    indirect mobility offer. do I have to be on a certain plan in order to receive my discount? can I use it with 'unlimited extra'? Thank you for your inquiry. Please provide more specific details on your mobility offer so that we can research and provide a helpful resolution.

  4. ‎Indirect Mobility Offer | AT&T Community Forums

    Indirect Mobility Offer I’m already enrolled in the IMO for my att account however, I just added another line so I will need to go in and add that line onto my discount. However, I don’t have a password to long into the IMO portal and when I try to reset my password, it always gives me an error.

  5. ‎Indirect Mobility Offer(imo) | AT&T Community Forums

    Indirect Mobility Offer(imo) Hello, I'm trying to figure out who approves my employee imo discount. I'm supposed to get 57% off my plan, and haven't been accepted yet

  6. Pricing and offers - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn

    Indirect resellers should contact their CSP provider to request details about pricing Price list preview and change frequency License-based services include a price list preview, provided 30 days in advance of any changes. To see the price list preview, go to Sell > Pricing and offers.

  7. Transfer Azure subscription to another partner - Partner ...

    A partner must be a direct provider or an indirect provider to transfer a subscription. Subscriptions associated with the following offerings can't be transferred: Azure plan, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A customer must be in the same country as a partner to transfer a subscription.

  8. Automotive Mobility Programs - MobilityWorks

    FORD. The Ford Mobility Motoring Program offers cash assistance up to $1,000 for the installation of adaptive equipment and up to $200 on alerting devices on new Ford Motor Company vehicle purchases or leases. Ford Mobility Motoring Program: Call: (800) 952-22487. Website: Ford Mobility Motoring.

  9. 7 Internal Mobility Best Practices You Should Implement

    And internal mobility is directly related to engagement—employees are happier and more committed when they feel their employer supports their career goals. According to Deloitte, after implementing an internal mobility program, one organization saw a nearly 30% boost in employee engagement.

  10. 3 Benefits of Internal Mobility for Your Business - Lever

    While the benefits are numerous, here are some of the top benefits we believe both organizations and employees can reap from incorporating career agility into an internal mobility strategy: Day-to-day growth in a current role, versus changing jobs or companies to find new growth opportunities. Shift from what an employee ‘should do’ in a ...